2 x ivadore Packs

About The Product

ivadore is committed to using the finest and purest natural ingredients at levels that are guaranteed to produce results. It's the magic of nature truly harnessed for the skin.

Included in the pack is the following:

Revive, Back To Life Double Action Exfoliating Pearl Polish (60ml) RRP$45

REVIVE uses Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) to unglue and remove dead skin. Pearl Powder then softens, firms and rejuvenates the newly revealed cells underneath to create a smooth and vibrant complexion.

Nurture, Boost & Protect Antioxidant Serum (30ml) RRP$65

NURTURE is ivadore’s ultra concentrated antioxidant serum. The serum utilises powerful antioxidants and Vitamins to help prevent pre-mature ageing and promote radiance.

Love, Overcome & Conquer Oil Treatment (20ml) RRP$58

The LOVE deluxe oil treatment uses an array of nature’s most powerful oils to soothe, nourish, deeply hydrate and protect the skin. It’s a product designed to show the skin true affection.

Deluxe Travel Size Tanning Treatment 30ml, RRP$14.95

ivadore has harnessed the power of a rare and expensive ingredient, Erythrulose, a sugar derived from red raspberries to eliminate common issues such as  patchiness, streaks and orange tones. The tan is also odourless and does not stain. 

Product Reviews

Lyn77, Annerley QLD


Amazing I love this product & I will certinally be purchasing these products when I run out. These product have left my skin feeling radient, smooth, clean, hyderated & healthy. Thank you Ivodre for your amazing products.