2 x HiFlow Water Filters

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About The Product

Households are now able to “tap into” a constant supply of great tasting, high quality water without spending any extra time or money on bottled water or jug filters.

The HiFlow water filter is a refreshing and innovative solution for quenching our thirst for pure filtered water in and out of the home.

The HiFlow water filter can be easily self-installed under the kitchen sink, so that the kitchen mixer tap becomes a water filter. All cold water is then 100% filtered from impurities like chlorine, lead, giardia and cryptosporidium, but retains fluoride and healthy natural minerals and salts.

The real benefit of HiFlow to households is that it provides the most convenient and affordable 24-hour access to bottle quality water at the usual full-tap pressure speed – for only 1c per litre. There is no need for a separate filtered water tap, a space-consuming jug or buying bottled water.

Once a HiFlow filter is installed, all cold water in the kitchen can be safely used for filling drink bottles, preparing baby formula, making icecubes, washing fruit and vegetables and all other cooking preparation.

Product Reviews

Graeme35, Murray Bridge SA


This is a excellent product
super user friendly
very quick and easy to install
does not take up much space under the sink
has a handy filter change reminder
my water never tasted better