2 x Geraldine Pierre Skin Care Facial Oil sets

About The Product

Geraldine Phua, founder of Geraldine Pierre Skin Care, empowers you to define beauty on your own terms, be your confident best and celebrate your individuality.

Inspired by Geraldine’s own 15-year pursuit of healthy skin and Pierre, a stray Poodle adopted from a local animal shelter, Geraldine encourages you to embrace life the way he does: by living in the present, loving without judgement and exuding wholehearted enthusiasm.

Her all-natural product range is handmade in Australia, toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Geraldine is qualified in Regulatory Affairs for cosmetics which enables her to provide you with information based on science, not hype.

Product Reviews

TamaraHoffman, Kedron QLD


I have never used an oil as part of my skin care routine so I was excited to try this product. I tried the Generous Presence Oil on my face and Gently Pamper Oil on my hair.

The packaging is classy and simple and dispensing system easy to use. The bottle says you need only one to two drops however I preferred three to four drops.

I used the Generous Presence Oil under my facial moisturiser. It was light and I hardly noticed it on my skin. I suffer from eczema so was interested to see if it would react or flair up given how sensitive my skin can be to new products. It didn't have any reaction at all and if anything, felt it enhanced my moisturiser and made my makeup smoother to apply.

I used the Gently Pamper Oil in my ends after I had washed my hair. I have quite long hair and I found it stopped the ends from looking ratty towards the end of the day. I'm hoping the extra moisture will also help keep split ends away.

Overall, it's a wonderful product and I fully support companies who find ways to produce beauty/skin care products locally that are natural, toxin free and cruelty free.