2 x Chamberlain HandyLift Plus and Wireless Entry pad Home Packages

About The Product

Easy to install, HandyLift Plus features the latest in obstruction reversal technology to automatically stop and reverse if it senses an obstruction.

It is backed by Chamberlain's 5 Year Warranty and offers a soft open and close contributing to both a quiet house and a longer opener life.

It includes a key ring and car visor remotes along with a Wireless Entry Pad.

Easy to attach, the Wireless Entry Pad features entry via a customisable PIN code, enabling keyless entry and visitors to enter via a different PIN at specific times as set by the owner.

Product Reviews

Kell4, Horsham VIC


I LOVE this!!
My Hubby and his mate had it installed fast and easy. Then they programmed the remotes and the Wireless Keypad with ease.
I have the visor remote in my car so that I never have to search through my bag to find it. The Wireless Keypad is my favorite thing; I just punch in my code and open sesame! Hubby said that we can set up codes for individual people; for instance when we go on holiday we can give a separate code for someone to enter during specific times.
And it's quiet... I know when my neighbors get home because I hear their garage opener, I hope they read this review and buy the Chamberlain (Super Quiet) HandyLift Plus!!