2 x Boxes of Babylon For the Love of Cooking Collections

About The Product

Boxes of Babylon, implores customers to rediscover the art of thoughtful gift giving, by providing the opportunity to send and receive premium gift boxes that have been carefully crafted through consultation with international design studios.

The result is a collection of thought provoking gift boxes that showcase the finest in beauty, functionality and above all, luxury.

Two lucky reviewers will each receive a 'For the Love of Cooking Collection' - each includes an amazing array of items such as;

  • 1 x Mr. Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads hardcover book
  • 1 x Cooked to Perfection Digital Thermometer
  • 1 x Keep Resin Placemat
  • 1 x Keep Resin cheese knife
  • 1 x Sagaform Marinade Set Pipette Brush
  • 1 x The Original Ice Ball Company Ice Ball

Product Reviews

Rebecca2526, Theodore ACT


Boxes of Babylon - For the Love of Cooking Collections:
This was a great and very memorable experience to receive and open the Boxes of Babylon - For the Love of Cooking Collections. The items are exquisite and have a quality that are 5 star plus more.
The Boxes of Babylon truly is an impressionable experience. Anyone who receives a specially packed gift box from Boxes of Babylon will have their breath literally taken away. I know that I will be highly recommending to family, friends and my work colleagues. I also recommend you take a look at the website Boxes of Babylon.
This unique beautiful box included the following exquisite items:
1x Mr. Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads hardcover book:
This book is truly delightful that is with filled gorgeous salads and unique recipes to create. I enjoy creating the G&T Drunken Chicken with Carrots and Dukkah from this marvelous book.
1x Cooked to Perfection Digital Thermometer:
I feel like I can now cook a roast like my grandmother with this terrific thermometer. My roast beef was cooked to perfection when I used it.
1x Keep Resin Placemat:
I use this exquisite piece for my cheese platters and to serve antipasto. You really can display any food you like on the placemat as this timeless piece will uplift the look whatever is being served on it. I have received many compliments from guests over for dinner on this magnificent placemat.
1x Keep Resin cheese knife:
The compliments kept on flowing on when my guests used the resin knife to cut their cheeses with. They could not get over how exquisite the knife is. As I recall someone said it was like cutting into cheese with art. A brilliant way to describe the knife I thought.
1 x Sagaform Marinade Set Pipett:
This makes marinating much easier for me. It is great for storing your gorgeous homemade marinades in the beautiful glass bottle until you are ready to use it. You can then simply use the creative silicone pump and brush to apply the marinade.
1 x The Original Ice Ball Company - Ice Ball:
The ice ball is a real hit with my teenagers. They had to make one straight away as they were very inquisitive to how it worked and turned out. The results are brilliant and make a perfect ice ball. What a great creative product for my kitchen. We really love it and will also create a refreshing punch with them floating in it in the summertime.

Sheldon, Warradale SA


This box was amazing.. Not something that I would have purchased myself but it was a great surprise. My favourite items were definitely the placemat and the cheese knife. Keep Resin is a wonderful brand and these items were gorgeous and great quality. The salad book has some great ideas in it, and especially over the summer I'm sure it will come in handy. The marinade set is very fancy and looks great. I'm not sure I will get a lot of use from it, but Christmas ham will become a lot easier.