2 x BeefEater Amber BUGG BBQ Packages

About The Product

This summer, BeefEater® has a barbecue for everyone, from compact and portable to a fully fledged outdoor kitchen and a heap of fabulous accessories.

Clever and Compact the BeefEater BUGG® with Stand is perfect for apartment dwellers or those with a small backyard, the compact BeefEater BUGG® features two quartz-start ignition stainless steel burners, generous grill room, two side shelves, a stand with a built-in shelf and a solid roasting hood. 

Choose from a variety of BeefEater BUGG® accessories to help produce outstanding results.  The BeefEater® digital thermometer ensures a perfect steak every time.  Simply insert into the meat whilst it cooks and once it reaches the perfect temperature, it will emit a gentle signal.  RRP $49.95. Prevent marinades from drying out and sticking with the BeefEater BUGG® Teflon liners. “These little beauties are a fabulous ‘trade secret’ that give that professional finish to a marinated barbecue meal,” says Michelle. Price $19.95 per pack of two.

Product Reviews

Paul130, Little Mountain QLD


We used the Amber Bugg for the first time last weekend and we were very impressed with it.
The Amber Bugg is so compact but had so much room for all our steaks and sausages etc.
I was blown away by how quickly this Barbecue heated up especially when i put the lid down.
I am not that experienced with Barbecues, But i handled this one with ease. Very impressed!

Gillian Armstrong-Davies

Andrea716, Beaumaris VIC


The BeefEater BUGG is great! Compact design, so ideal for small courtyards and patios. Even so, hot plate and grill still fairly large. Love that it has both a hot plate and grill (some bbq's with lid only have grill). They're both easy to lift out and clean too. The hinged lid opens smoothly, much nicer than other bbq's I've seen. Nice that the controls are at the back of the unit. They stay clean and grease free that way! Ignition great, large enough grease tray, easy assembly of unit on top of stand. Only gripe is that the stand does take some effort to assemble. And the wheels are somewhat flimsy making the bbq not so easy to wheel around. This could be improved. Having said this, it's a great looking, compact design, works great. Nice little add-ons like the side plates with accessory hooks. A woman must have desgined this! Recommend to anyone.