2 x AVANCER ThermoCook and Red Slow Juicer Sets

About The Product

Here’s your chance to shine in the kitchen by winning the chance to review two exciting Avancer kitchen appliances!

Avancer SmartChef ThermoCook: Introducing the SmartChef ThermoCook, your brand new affordable thermo mixer! SmartChef products are designed and built for the hard working home cook. Cook smarter in the kitchen with the latest technology and multifunction appliances. Free your time! Do you constantly find yourself swapping between multiple appliances just to make one meal? There is a simpler way that lets you make your favorite dish without the hassle and expense of maintaining all those separate appliances. Introducing the Avancer SmartChef ThermoCook! This unit does it all - It will melt, stir, cook, steam, knead, blend, mix, chop and beat. We believe that the ThermoCook offers the best value of all discount thermo mixers in Australia, with unparalleled versatility at this bargain price point. http://www.avancer.com.au/thermocook-all-in-one-kitchen-cooking-machine.html

Red cold press slow juicer: We all know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables. They are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that make us stronger and healthier. Juicing fruits and vegetables is one way to get your fix for the day, and there are several types of devices out there. More likely than not, when somebody says juicing, you would often think of blenders and juicers. Well, the problem is that these devices basically use blades turning at high speed to extract the juice – to the detriment of the nutritional content. Biochemists could explain it better, but the point is that most conventional juicers mash the life and nutritive quality out of the fruits and vegetables you process in them!

The solution is rather simple. You need to find a way to extract juice without the high-energy impacts from those blades. You could either use a hand grater – which is just too inconvenient – or use the newest in juicing technology! http://www.avancer.com.au/cold-press-slow-juicer-red

Product Reviews

Diane383, Kenwick Wa WA


OMG! I just love my new Avancer ThermoCook. What a joy to have this Unit in My kitchen. It took a bit of getting used too but once you have mastered the appliance you are well away.
I wish the recipes book that came with the Unit came with a few more interesting and common recipes to get you started. But with the internet being available you can find recipes to help you on your way.
Cleaning the Unit is it easy too. Just put it in the Dishwasher and its Done.
I would recommend the Thermo Cook to anyone that is wishing to purchase this easy product.
Thumbs up and Enjoy the Avancer ThermoCook.

I just love my Avancer Black Label Cold Press Slow Juicer, it makes the most wonderful tasting Juices ever, they are thick and creamy to taste, and great when the fruit has come out of the fridge. Mmmmmmm!
I've enjoyed experimenting with the different Fruits and Vegetables making many different combinations, but my Favourite is Just the Plain old Apples, Carrots and Oranges Just Delicious and easy to do. The waste just goes into a container provided and you discard how you want. Brilliant!
Cleaning it is so easy it all comes apart so easily and putting it back together is Simple too.
I would recommend this Juicer to anyone who is considering purchasing one.
Thumbs up and Enjoy the Avancer Black Label Cold Press Slow Juicer.