18 x Whisk and Pin Berry Crunch Muesli Packs

About The Product

Here at Whisk & Pin, we are fanatical about our Gourmet Muesli. As one of the first hand-made Gourmet Muesli producers in Australia, we were pivotal in the innovation of our products. We’re excited by the ingredients we use, we source the very best quality ingredients and in their most natural state possible. Oats always direct from the paddock; sun-kissed fruit direct from Queensland; stunningly nutritious nuts and seeds; intensely flavoured berries, and the delicious list goes on.

Every one of our mueslis is still hand-blended, hand-bagged and hand-labelled. We delight in bringing you a wholesome, no fuss, delicious breakfast everyday - and all you need to do is pour the milk!

An extraordinary combination of top quality berries, crunchy spiced pecans, multi-grain roasted cereals and linseeds make our Berry Crunch Muesli a winning combination.

This bestseller is full of antioxidants and is high in fibre. Eat it for breakfast, as a delicious snack with yoghurt, sprinkle over stewed fruit or grab a handful when you're peckish.

Product Reviews

djb, Beverly Hills NSW


I received my packet of Whisk and Pin Muesli and liked the packaging, I then ate some straight from the packet and found it very easy to eat and satisfying as a snack. This morning I had it as a breakfast with yoghurt and milk and it was the best muesli I have ever had for breakfast.

sarah1234, Ringwood VIC


These muesli bites are delicious! I love the waxed paper packaging, everything about this muesli says exquisite and tasty! The Berry Crunch Muesli is full of whole pecans, juicy berries, oats, maple syrup and all yummy natural ingredients. I love the suggestion on the pack to eat these as a snack, and ofcourse I did! They certainly have a posh feeling to them, ofcourse since they're hand made and hand packed!
I have put a few of these into a little ziplock bag and have them in my bag for any time snacking on the run!
These are sweet, but not sickly sweet, they're just perfect. Crunchy, but not too hard! Everything is just right and tasty with these. I had these with yoghurt for a filling and healthy dinner tonight!
Yummy, thank you Lifestyle channel and Whisk & Pin for this trial chance. I'll definitely be looking into purchasing and gifting these absolutely decadent treats for myself and my family and friends.

Kate1809, Bulli NSW


I am a big granola/muesli eater, it is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world to eat. I am quite picky when it comes to what types of muesli I like and will eat but have no doubts in recommending Whisk and Pin Berry Crunch.

It is so tasty, the big clusters provide such a yummy crunch and the flavors are perfect- not to sweet but not bland.

I will definitely be buying more of this!

Lorraine, Mt Evelyn VIC


Delicious, delicious, delicious! Whisk & Pin Berry Crunch Muesli is amazing - especially with a bit of Greek yoghurt. Full of flavour, fruit and crunch!

Angela1112, Halls Head WA


I was so lucky to be able to test the “Whisk & Pin Berry Crunch Muesli”. And I felt so privileged too, because I’ve never tasted a better muesli in my all life. I tried it first with my Greek yogurt. It was divine, so incredibly crunchy. And, with every spoonful, there was a surprise. The best ones were the pecans. And don’t let me even start about those cherries. What a soft delight. I must admit that I put the bag of muesli close to my laptop and I started eating it just like that. The honey gives such a special taste to the muesli. You can see the great quality of all the ingredients. I was impressed! A product full of fibre and indulgence!

Judy624, Bondoola QLD


Berry Crunch Muesli was so delicious, I ate as a morning and afternoon dry snack when peckish. It was that delightful and tasteful and definately kept the hunger pangs away.

Melissa, Clovelly NSW


A breakfast with a lovely crunch and texture, really filling and a subtle not overwhelming berry flavour - with a some greek yoghurt and cinnamon on top delicious!

mum2blc, Cranbourne VIC


Delicious. The sweet taste of the fruit berries and crunch of the cereal. It doesn't go all soggy like some other cereals do when milk is poured onto it. It is quite filling to and it got me through to lunch time.

Catherine281, Hawthorndene SA


My husband and I enjoyed the muesli over yoghurt, and found it delicious.
I especially loved the pecans, a nice surprise every now and again.
If it was not too expensive, I would definitely consider buying this muesli, thanks for the opportunity!