18 x Remington Power Tool Haircut Kits

About The Product

Supercharge this Father’s Day with Remington

Superior performance, speed and durability are words that every dad loves to hear. This Father’s Day take his grooming routine to the next level and grant your dad supercharged functionality with the revolutionary new Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit.

Elevating grooming to new heights, the Power Tool is Remington’s most advanced clipper yet. Featuring exclusive Neodymium Super-Magnetic Motor technology – previously reserved for heavy-duty power tools and industrial fans – this clipper will deliver high-speed cutting performance usually found in the realm of a toolbox to the comfort of his bathroom.

The Power Tool will let dads achieve professional barber like results in one stroke. Innovative precision ground blade functionality combined with the clipper’s powerful magnetic motor offers unrivalled cutting performance that will make short work of even the thickest, most unmanageable hair.

Remington’s Powercut Blade System also ensures the clipper’s blades stay in perfect alignment cut after cut, delivering smooth faultless results every time. Dads that tend to play it rough will appreciate the impact resistant heavy-duty housing which is drop proof and will see it survive any tough handyman’s handling.

Whether it’s a classic crew cut or a precision trim, this Father’s Day equip your dad with the needed tool to elevate his home grooming up a notch. With unrivalled supercharged cutting performance the Remington Power Tool will have him smiling all year round.


Product Reviews

Vanda2, North Coogee WA


I'd like to start by saying I'm not a hairdresser, just a regular mum and I've NEVER cut boys hair before, until now.

My 15 yr old son was brave enough to let me give him a haircut this afternoon with Remington's Powertool Haircut Kit. The clippers, scissors, brush, combs and cape were all neatly packed into a cute little plastic carry all that fits into even the most smallest bathroom drawer or cupboard.

I was very nervous so watched a few YouTube tutorials before starting. According to what I had watched, the clippers work best on clean, dry hair, so my son washed and blow dried his hair before I started and then I popped the supplied plastic cape on him and snapped on the size 4 comb onto the clippers and got to work. The clippers were a great size, very easy to hold and not heavy at all. This made it really easy for me to navigate them around the back of my sons scalp and over his ears which I was a bit nervous about. If I drew blood, there'd be hell to pay!! LOL The motor was as smooth as a Rolls Royce and so quiet, no vibration at all and no irritating noise, just a soft, gentle hum.

I was loving it already, I had my sons scalp sheared around the back and sides in less than a minute!!

I then used the supplied scissors to trim the top layers of hair. The scissors were very easy to use so it wasn't hard for me to blend the top layers into the shorter layers below. The key for me was to use my fingers as a length guide and criss-cross the layers as I cut as well as keep checking the lengths on either side to make sure I was cutting evenly. I then sort of jabbed at the front 'fringe' layers with the scissors the way I'd seen his hairdresser do, to create a sort of softer 'feathered' look at the front.

I then used the little supplied brush to clean the clippers (and my sons neck) and then removed the level 4 comb so I could use the bare blade to clean up the edges of his hair. The clippers smoothly tidied up his sideburns and neck hair. I very carefully used the edge of the blade around his ears as I didn't want to clip away too much of his hair above his ears, just the very edges.

When I was finished, I asked my son to style his hair using his usual styling product. Once spiked up, I trimmed a few missed strands that stood out and surveyed the results…

Pretty impressive for a first attempt!!! My son is happy which means I am VERY happy!

This tool just saved me $22 and you could not tell that his hair wasn't done in a salon!

Thank you Remington for making a hair tool so simple and effective that even an amateur like me can cut hair like a professional, quickly and easily, saving precious time and money.

The Remington Power Tool Hair Cut Kit is BRILLIANT and I can't recommend it enough if you have boys (or men) in your life!

Shelly37, St Mary's NSW


well i will start with saying *AMAZING* i have used clippers in the past to cut my boys hair and it takes a while, but with these Remington clippers they glide through so easy i actually liked cutting my sons hair it was done in about 6 minutes i have told all my friends who have boys i will cut there hair i couldn't be happier to be selected to review such an amazing product thanks again lifestyle you for this opportunity

Andrea257, Koongal QLD


My husband tried it and loved it! It cuts really well, not much of a mess and works wonders! He also enjoyed that it has low noise and the blades were easy to wash!

April32, Seaton SA


Fantastic, instructions on how to give a haircut, neat & compact, extra long cord to be able to move around easier, super quiet,easy to pull apart & clean & has a nice soft rubber grip to hold. I'm really impressed with these
hair clippers!!!

Karla39, Budgewoi NSW


I gave this to my son to try, up til now he had been using his dad's Wahl. He said in comparing the two that :- Yours was

* Lighter and could hold for longer without cramping

* Smaller which made it fit in the hand better therefore making it easier to maneuver

* Has a longer cord so you do not have to use extensions

* Was quieter than any other he had used

* Cut his hair with ease.

We have used many different brands over the years and this is the best hands down.

Thank you Karla Wilkins

Jinjjer, Weipa QLD


I'm very impressed with the Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit. There are more than enough attachments included to achieve great results, even for a beginner. The cape and scissors are an added bonus. The instructions are clear, and are a good guide to giving a professional looking haircut. I've tried this on my husband's hair, and it's powerful and does a great job. I like that it doesn't vibrate my hand while using it. My husband has used it on his beard, and it gave a nice even trim. My only disappointment is that it didn't come with a comb, which would have been handy. Overall, a great product!

Cheryl542, Woody Point QLD


Loved the product, nice smooth use only going over once for a clean cut. Plenty of combs for a lot of different lengths. The handle is comfortable to use and the cord is long enough. My only con is the case, you have to just shove it all in the case as there is no where specific to put anything unlike my last one that the case was bigger and everything was put away neatly.

Lorow, Prairiewood NSW


The Remington Professional is a must for both professionals and those who shave their own hair at home. I tried it on my husbands hair using the 6mm comb and they cut perfectly with ease. They were also very comfortable to hold. I love the 3m power cord, something as simple as this feature makes it so much easier to move around. Although fathers day has past it would be a great Christmas present. I would recommend them!