18 x Marzena Facial Wax Strips

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About The Product

Marzena’s Facial Wax Strips are designed to comfortably and effectively remove unwanted facial hair. The specially sized Soft Easy-Pull fabric Strip allows for easy application in delicate areas.

The gentle formula and fabric strip has a lighter adhesion, maximising grip on the hair while minimising stress on the skin. Added Green Tea extract helps to soothe and protect the skin.

So effective is the Marzena treatment that hair regrowth can be reduced considerably with regular use. Each Marzena wax strip can be re-applied several times during each treatment making them very economical. Includes two finishing wipes to clean, soothe and moisturise after waxing.

Product Reviews

Debbie916, Glenmore Park NSW


I have tried the Marzena facial wax strips for the first time and found them to be easy & simple to use. The layers peel apart really easy and application was mess free and simple. I tried it above my lip and it was very efficient and removed my unwanted hair effortlessly. I will definitely be using these again and save time & money from having to go to the salon.
Thank you for the opportunity to trial these strips they are fantastic!

StitcherJ, Warrimoo NSW


Well it was OK and easy to use and did remove the Mustache etc and it is a good for anyone (women).

Melissa, Southern River WA


easy to use and non messy. great for travellers

Maxine, Parkerville WA


A good kit with all you need to attend to facial hair removal. The strips were true to their word - gentle for facial areas but had good grip to remove unwanted hair. The after-wipes were good too - cleaned, soothed and moisturised.