18 x Lovebird Candles

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About The Product

Lovebird Candles are like a hug from your best friend, a kiss from your lover, a secret you want to share. A scent that will make you smile and give you a new found zest for life.

This candle is made using only the finest of natural products and is 100% Australian hand crafted and owned.

Enjoy responsibly with a glass of wine.

Fragrantly yours, Lovebird Candles.

100% soy wax, 100% cotton wick, 100% love

Product Reviews

Stephanie670, Hurstville NSW


I love the lovebird candle I received!

I received the French Pear, Lime and Coconut scented one. The moment I removed the box from the packaging i was overwhelmed by this beautiful smell. It's a lovely sent that you could smell even before you lit the candle. The scent was carried through the room after about hour of burning the candle.

I like the fact that the candle is made from soy wax, i feel they burn better and scent is better in soy wax candles.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

sandyoo, Adelaide SA


loved the smell very calming to have a bath with this.found it lasted a long time after candle was put out.the packing was very very well packed no damage loved it

Sarahc46, Thomastown VIC


Love this candle, the smell is amazing even without it burning and it lasts for ages
the fact it is soy means the whole candle is burnt and nothing is wasted which is great value for money. I tried the french pear, lime and coconut and it is delicious such a sweet beautiful fragrance that is inviting and welcoming for the home.
really love this candle and will purchase more once this one has burnt. and im big on australian made so thats another bonus

Pieta4, Ulladulla NSW


I loved this candle.
The packaging is perfect, natural, recyclable and not over-done but still classy enough to give as a gift.
I love that there are no harmful chemicals used in the production of this candle.
The soy wax burns with a nice warm glow for hours and the scent is delectable.
The candle burned for the required time, the information & instructions that came in the packaging were great.
It's a great Australian product!
Overall- WONDERFUL, would not hesitate to buy!

Rebecca, Bunyip VIC


The first thing that struck me with this product was how lovely the packaging was, really beautiful. It would make this candle even more perfect to give as a gift.

Hand made, Australian made in East Brunswick, soy wax. Tick, Tick, Tick, perfect.

The reason I love candles is for the fragrance, but some candles I find very overwhelming. The french pear, lime and coconut variety I tested, was lovely, it filled the room with a lovely smell but never did it feel overpowering. Even my husband commented how nice it was, very unusual for him!

I loved this candle and will be buying more!

sassycat, Devonport TAS


burns slow and clean perfume lingers and fills a large room, would love to try other perfumes this one was French pear lime & coconut would recommend

Bezz, Cudgen NSW


My wife and I were firstly impressed by the Earthy, Rustic, Artisan style packaging containing a simple yet positive message, we felt good about this candle even before it was lit, not only is the candle made from soy wax, but the highly original flavoured scent of French Pear Lime & Coconut was not only alluring but imaginatively inspiring. The scent whilst burning, warmly wrapped itself around our home and created a pleasing and loving atmosphere. I found the simple yet concise instruction leaflet contained inside a purposeful and well thought out idea. Being hand poured in East Brunswick, Melbourne Australia is a lovely touch and gives this product a uniquely Australian flavour, I see this product being easily marketed in an International spectrum. My wife and I will enjoy many more hours of pleasure from this candle and would not hesitate to purchase more as these would be an exceptional gift for anyone you love and cherish. Buy one today and share the Lovebird experience.

Peter156, Bongaree QLD


the candle was delivered very well packaged,taking it out of the outer ,a fantastic odour started to emminate from the pack . when lit a slightly different smell pervaded the room, when snuffed out the aromas lasted for hours . very good fro masking big dog smells. would highly recommend this item,last fairly long time , must trim wick to make the best of aromas, and aids in a clean burn.

Lesley287, Aldinga Beach SA


I thought a lot of design and thought went into the box, but when I opened it I found the glass was very plain would of liked to of seen the logo lovebird candles on the glass I think it would of made it. But i did really liked the smell of the candle.

Deidre14, Deebing Heights QLD


Love the smell, just brightens up the whole house, you smell it as soon as you walk in the door, will have to go and buy some when this one runs out