18 x Copies of 'Lattes, Laughter and Lipstick'

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About The Product

In the custom of the bestselling books, the One minute Millionaire and Who Moved my Cheese, Lattes, Laughter and Lipstick is a story which bares the soul of many women. Whether you are approaching forty or just feel you have lost the vitality you once had this book will inspire you that you too can make changes in your life.

Cynthia, a single girl trying desperately to get a promotion and a man, Louise, the empty nester who ends up losing her husband as well and Rebecca, the mum with two primary school aged boys who is feeling fat and invisible are three girlfriends who reconnect at their 20 year school reunion. They begin catching up fortnightly at the Café Club, where Joy, the owner can’t help but listening in to their conversations. Joy realises that the three women are all lost in their lives and invites them to let her guide them onto a path of re-igniting their hopes and wishes in life. Join Joy and the women as they not only rediscover who they used to be but revitalise their lives.

This book is Sex in the City meets What Not to Wear. As you read through the story you can go through the steps that Joy takes the women through with your own How To chapters at the back of the book. Clare Maxfield’s practical How To chapters allow you the opportunity to experience the same transformation in your own life.