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Can the words of a Psychic influence your destiny? In Can’t Find Fate, author Lisa N Edwards tells the story of Nikki, an Aussie girl with her life planned - Start a career, find a man & have a family. Simple really, until accompanying her friend to a psychic changes her life forever by describing her soul mate – ‘Mr Hollywood’ with crystal green eyes.  Flash forward 17 years, Nikki's career as a Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer is flourishing, and Mr Hollywood is standing in front of her. The Psychic's warning is imprinted on her mind... Nikki can’t chase him and she can’t tell him what she knows. Should she ignore the warnings? With her best friend, Siobhan, to help navigate through this supposedly predestined life, Nikki can try, but she can’t fight fate… 

Product Reviews

Tommie-Jay, Tullamarine VIC


Very impressed with the detail of this book, it's rather captivating and has left me wanting more. The author is very talented and has shown me an interesting side of writing, I'll be buying more for sure. Highly recommend to anyone wanting something a little different!

Jessica2578, Gingin WA


Great book a real page turner!! One you can read again and again!!

Tiffany249, Toongabbie VIC


"Can't Fight Fate" by Lisa N Edwards, is a fabulous book and had me enthralled from the first couple of pages. I Love books that are easy to read and the short chapters make it easy to have a quick read between chores and children.
The storyline is great and the strong confident characters are great role models for readers.
This book is very funny, I laughed out loud a number of times and loved some of the brave and awkward positions the main character put herself in.
A must read for everyone!

Darren339, Guildford NSW


Nikki, 21 visits a psychic. This psychic tells her about her soul mate and warns her about pursuing her interest.

Nikki turns 38 and hasn't met her Mr Right. She decides to listen to her friend Siobhan and move to California to practice law. There, she meets her psychic's prediction, a man named CJ, and all the twists and turns of the revelations about the two potential lovers unravel.

As intelligent as Nikki is, she can’t seem to save herself from tripping and falling into anything and everything. The situations she gets herself into had me laughing out loud. I love how the author incorporates Nikki into the book with her asides and inner thoughts and speculations.

I would totally recommend this book to lovers of romance, paranormal romance readers, and readers who like to enjoy a good book with bonus laughs included.

Sharon621, Beeliar WA


I really enjoyed this book. It was easy light reading. Great for work weeknights, not to heavy easy reading. I enjoy a book that is light and easy to relate to , a good book is a girls best friend.

Ellen, Clifton Hill VIC


No you "Can't Fight Fate" and I couldn't fight my compulsion to finish this book in one sitting: totally unputdownable! I loved the Aussie girl goes abroad to Hollywood adventure and having had a psychic also tell me when I would meet my future husband and the prophecy come true, I was totally on board with the psychic storyline too. My only complaint was it was over too soon and I wanted more! Can't wait for the next instalment "Chasing Butterflies".

Linda1274, Boronia VIC


Can't Fight Fate by Lisa N Edwards was missing a storyline. I prefer a book that has a beginning, middle and end, which this book does not have. I felt left up in the air with the ending. The follow up book of a couple of chapters "Chasing Butterflies" seemed a deliberate ploy to get you to buy the book. Which I didn't and won't do.
Attention to spelling - drawer not draw- could have been better. The main character, Nikky, was unbelievable for her age with juvenile thoughts that interrupted her day. This couldn't have happened while at a busy workplace and in her position.
The redeeming factor of the book was -giving an insight to life in LA and love in general from a very different ( from mine) perspective.

Antoinette4, Corrimal NSW


Found it interesting in the beginning, quite funny and captivating. Was looking forward to a great ending but thought it was quite flat and disappointing. Found it a bit confusing and disjointed in parts. Left me feeling a bit sad and did not enjoy it as much as i thought i would.

Jenna38, Old Noarlunga SA


I loved this book, without giving away the ending I think it's written so well you would never even guess what could happen!
Nikki would never guess what could happen in her life, anything besides what she envisioned! Page turner for sure!