18 x BX Earth Cleaning Hampers

About The Product

BX Earth is a new, all-natural, Australian-made range of cheeky body washes and hand care washes based on the finest quality natural botanical-based ingredients.

With refreshing and pleasantly-potent Australian ingredients, the new BX Earth range is completely SLS and PBA-free!

Each of the four body washes (500ML) in the range dons a cheeky Aussie message such as “You Scrub Up Well”, “Hey Settle Petal”, “Bit Of A Soft Touch” and “Good Morning Sunshine!” and are priced at RRP $7.99.

The antibacterial hand care wash range (300ML) is priced at RRP $4.49 and includes; Desert Lime and Coconut, Mandarin and Lemon Aspen and Watermelon and Dragonfruit.

Utilising an advanced cellular extraction technique, the BX Earth range feeds the skin with essentials such as antioxidants, bio-active extracts and natural essential oils, harnessed in Australia’s native fruits, plants and herbs,

Made in Australia and available at all Coles supermarkets, BX Earth products are suitable for all skin types and come in earth-friendly plastic PET bottles suitable for recycling.

For more information about BX Earth please visit www.bxearth.com.au

Product Reviews

Ashley326, Seymour VIC


I cant praise this product enough. My house hold has sensitive skin, and these products would have to be the best we have tried. Im personally allergic to sulpha in many forms and these products don't have the most common types in soaps. The smells and types are amazing they leave your skin feeling fresh and fragrant. I wont be buying anything else. And to top off a great product is thats its 100% AUSTRALIAN. = PERFECT

Coleen7, Gosnells WA


I was VERY excited to try this new range of body wash and hand wash and was very impressed when I did.

The fragrances are soooo good and they left my skin feeling soft and clean- my kids (who have sensitive skin) were even able to use them too and loved trying all the different ones.

I most definitely will be purchasing both the body wash and hand wash when I run out of my supply - I have already found hand wash at my local supermarket!!!

Shonelle2, Upper Mt Gravatt QLD


I adore the BX Earth range of natural bodywashes and hand washes. The scents are absolutely amazing without being overpowering and put me in mind of spending time at a day spa. Though all are wonderful, my favourite bodywash is definitely "You scrub up well" and the Olive Oil and Byron Rose moisturising hand wash smells divine. Both lines of products leave my skin soft and hydrated, and being all natural, they are gentle enough for my 2 yo daughter's sensitive skin. I will definitely being using these products for a long time to come and be recommending them to everyone.

Patricia31, Beecher QLD


No wonder this company won all those awards.......there are absolutely NO negatives about these products. All wonderful fragrances and all Aust products. WONDERFUL!! Just love the concept of the names, the matching of fragrances and the glorious feel of all the products.
A bonus on top of that is the RRP....very economical as a little goes a long way. Certainly will be purchasing these products from now on.
Once again....absolutely NO negatives about these cleansers....thank you BX Earth and Lifestyle Chanel for the opportunity to try theses products. Have already spread the word and will continue to do so.

Sharon1405, Shadow Park SA


This product is amazing! It smells amazing and feels amazing on your skin!

Melanie648, Pittsworth QLD


I always like to try and buy Australian made. And if you buy this product you won't be disappointed. All the products I have used have a lovely smell to them. I also have been using the body wash in the bath with my baby who suffers from eczema, it has cleared it up after trying many different body washes and bubble baths for him. He skin is looking beautiful and soft again. Definitely worth giving the body wash a go for anyone that suffers from skin conditions

sheila85872, Dudley Park WA


I have used the products and have to say I love each and every one they all smell really nice you don't need much to get a lather up and once you have either used the body washes or the hand care range your skin feels really soft I would definitely recommend these products to everyone think they are great value for money and will be looking for them in my supermarket I also like how they are suitable for recycling

Alison82, Palmwoods QLD


Excellent products without any nasties in them; Especially loving the 'Good Morning Sunshine' Body Wash - smells divine and gets me ready for the day. Highly recommended.

Janice, Jamberoo NSW


My first impression was wow - these look nice. They smelt really good too.
I was also impressed with how long they lasted. I would definitely recommend these to everyone and will be buying these in future.

mnmsharp, Simpson VIC


My family absolutely loved the body washes and hand washes. We found them to be gentle on all skin types and very moisturising. Excellent product for a very reasonable price, you feel like you are spoiling yourself every time you use these products. Would make a fabulous gift for a hard to buy for person if you gift box them. Hey Settle Petal is brilliant for using at night time, seems to make you relax and sleep better, especially younger children. Good Morning Sunshine leaves you feeling refreshed and is perfect to use in the morning. We have found all of the products to be brilliant.

Eha, Thirlmere NSW


Being an ardent supporter of 'buy Australian' and having tried to find natural products for decades the BX Earth range was more than interesting to try. Loved the packaging and the elegant look and feel of the hand wash bottles. Appreciated all the printed information on the them. Was much less keen on the look of the body washes: obviously I am not 'cheeky' enough to appreciate messages like 'You scrub up well' and 'Good Morning Sunshine' with my early shower: GenY may laugh! To me it took a very worthwhile and serious product to the bargain basement! I did love the innovative Australian themed and very original perfumes like watermelon, dragonfruit, Kakadu plum and Crown of Gold - now this was fun and would make me buy an unknown product! Normally purchasing unperfumed body creams and lotions I was initially worried how these would 'mix' with one's perfume and deodorant. On the whole there were no problems - the aroma was subtle and quickly disappeared. The exception to me [and I stress 'me'!] was the Goat's Milk and Honey body wash, the smell of which I found unappealing and about which people working with me commented quite awhile after. The products are not very foamy being of natural origin - this I did not mind. They were and are pleasant to use and I would purchase quite a few of them for 'my own money' :) ! Especially at these reasonable prices. As I was very impressed with the presentation of the box I received I do hope Coles orders such for the forthcoming Christmas as very reasonable and useful composite presents. I DO wish BX all the best and hope it comes up with new product ranges in the future.

Jemma125, Boulder WA


These are a great product... They are great for sensitive skin, My mum has got sensitive skin and the water where we live is really harsh on the skin for us... and she has been using the body wash that has been great on her skin where she hasnt had any itches or rashes like she was getting with alot of other soap... i would recomend this to friends and family... it will be nice to see it at other stores as well... as i would love to buy this again but i dont shop at the store it is sold at...