18 x BX Earth Cleaning Hampers

About The Product

BX Earth is a new, all-natural, Australian-made range of cheeky body washes and hand care washes based on the finest quality natural botanical-based ingredients.

With refreshing and pleasantly-potent Australian ingredients, the new BX Earth range is completely SLS and PBA-free!

Each of the four body washes (500ML) in the range dons a cheeky Aussie message such as “You Scrub Up Well”, “Hey Settle Petal”, “Bit Of A Soft Touch” and “Good Morning Sunshine!” and are priced at RRP $7.99.

The antibacterial hand care wash range (300ML) is priced at RRP $4.49 and includes; Desert Lime and Coconut, Mandarin and Lemon Aspen and Watermelon and Dragonfruit.

Utilising an advanced cellular extraction technique, the BX Earth range feeds the skin with essentials such as antioxidants, bio-active extracts and natural essential oils, harnessed in Australia’s native fruits, plants and herbs,

Made in Australia and available at all Coles supermarkets, BX Earth products are suitable for all skin types and come in earth-friendly plastic PET bottles suitable for recycling.

For more information about BX Earth please visit www.bxearth.com.au

Product Reviews

Sara, Helensvale QLD


Absolutely in love with these products especially the soft touch body wash, I adore the peachy smell, I will definitely be buying this one again, it really leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh and smelling fruity delicious

Kate, Balgowlah NSW


I adore these products. The scents last for ages and are delicious. The peach body wash smells like a cocktail. The perfect wake up call. I'll be buying these products without a doubt. For myself and everyone else as gifts.

Janice33, Christies Beach SA


WOW! I am really enjoying using my BX Earth Body Washes, and my family love the Hand Washes. My particular favorite is Hey Settle Petal Body Wash. I just love the perfume. I was certain that these products would be a lot more expensive because of their quality, but they are very reasonably priced. I am certainly 'hooked' and have been telling all my Friends about them and they love the variety of perfumes too! Thank you for the opportunity to test these products.

Sheena45, Bateau Bay NSW


Being into natural foods and skincare products, I was excited to try BX Earth. I have spent so much money on natural skincare products that I cannot believe the great value in BX Earth products.

These products are amazing. They are natural and they smell SO good! I come out of the shower smelling like vanilla and plum, but in a clean way - not an icky cake way. The lather is so great so the body washes last for ages!

I am so glad I was made aware of these products (Thank you Lifestyle!) as I will now be saving money and buying BX Earth products from now on.

Michelle553, Meadow Springs WA


These are wonderful. Delicious smelling, lathers well and leaves you feeling soft and fresh. A lot more gentle and moisturising than other liquid soaps. Environmentally friendly and Australian made making this an all round fantastic product.

Tammy20, Glenroy VIC


These body and hand washes are beautifully presented. The plastic is BPA free and the containers are recyclable which is a plus. Personally though once they are all used up I'll probably find another use for them. They are too pretty to throw away.

The washes are amazing. They smell wonderful without being too overpowering. All the washes leave my skin smelling fresh and fruity and feeling silky clean. You don't need much product when washing; it lathers up nicely. My favorites are the 'Good Morning Sunshine' body wash and the 'Desert Lime and Coconut'. They leave me smelling good enough to eat.

I would definitely buy BX Earth again because the products I have used have been high quality superior washes and I love the idea of supporting an Australian company that is environmentally conscious.

Ebony59, Abbotsford VIC


Wonderful products! :)

Michelle639, Altona Meadows VIC


Had seen these in Coles and already planned on purchasing them, so was trilled to review them. Love the way they are presented, the bottles are nice to have on show. The pumps on the body wash is a great idea, rather than having to fumble with lids.
The flavours are all nice, but really loved the scent of the Desert Lime and Coconut in the hand wash. The body wash is a nice thick texture, giving the feeling of richness, foamed up well and left skin feeling soft and smelling lovely.
I would definitely restock both hand wash and body wash when they run out.