18 x Bar10der Bartending Tools

About The Product

The Bar10der is the first and only 10-in-1 bartending tool that helps anyone create their favorite cocktails whenever the mood strikes.

With Bar10der, you'll be able to whip together the cocktails you and your friends love to enjoy, but never thought you could recreate. Plus, the 10-in-1 compact design makes it simple to use, easy to store and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

So whether it be at your home, on a boat, at a tailgate, a friend’s barbeque… whenever and wherever Bar10der has you covered. Get ready to experience cocktailing like you’ve never had before!


Product Reviews

Simone577, Bertram WA


This is a very versatile tool, easy to use and ergonomically easy to handle and switch between the various tools. A must need for any cocktail lover! I especially love the Channel knife, with its ease of creating stylish garnishes.

Julie713, Goulburn NSW


this is a great product and very easy to use, everyone at the bbq wanted to use it!!
thank you love it!!

Jessica947, Schofields NSW


Love it! everything you need to make a drink its there. So easy to use and clean definitely one of my favorites!

Sharyn30, Collingwood Park QLD


Easy tool to bring along to a unplanned cocktail night. We made cocktails to test the Bar10der and did not disappoint and easy to clean and pack away for the next use. LOVED IT!!!

Brent10, Hervey Bay QLD


How awesome is this! Loved it! Covers everything i need, not to heavy, looks stylish. It's great quality and a must for all bars!

Melicia, Landsdale WA


It's like a novelty gift but really fun and functional when entertaining. However this would be the only time I would use this! I really like the stirrer attachment - it's very effective.

Katrina296, Thomastown VIC


had a little play around, and it seems like the perfect drink making companion, really can't wait to use this properly in the summertime!!!!! fits in the drawer really easy, nothing too bulky

pippy, Tahmoor NSW 2573 NSW


The Bar10der is a great tool , with its 10 handy utensils all in one great package as it has everything you need to help you entertain if you just need a knife or corkscrew its all there in one handy utensil and with its cool look and great name that tells you how many useful tools your have to help you start the party

Elly37, Sydney NSW


I had some friends over for a cocktail night in order to test out the Bar10der. It is a really nifty all-in-one device, which saves you money on buying all of the necessary equipment separately in order to recreate cocktails, so that's great. Often your hands get wet while making cocktails, but the no-slip grip makes the Bar10der easy to use even when applying pressure to muddle fruits or using the knife. It can get quite fiddly to use, since all of the gadgets are located inside the army knife-style device, so I wouldn't recommend it for fast service but it is ideal for at home cocktails. The Bar10der can also prove tricky to use given it's weight. Since it holds 10 gadgets in one, it is quite heavy and might not be as convenient to use as an alternative bartending kit. I also found that the zester was not particularly effective. However, all in all, the Bar10der is fantastic for at-home bartending or entertaining friends. I wouldn't recommend it for commerical use but it is nonetheless a great product and a really creative way of making sure all your bartending gadgets stay in one place!

Suzanne579, Point Cook VIC


The bar10der tool was a good addition to my kitchen utensils. I loved that it was compact and so took up very little room in the drawer. Only having to look for one utensil, rather than several, was also a bonus. It was easy to use and clean. I thought that the little recipe book was a great addition!

Emily1292, Stanmore NSW


The Bar10der tool is quite fun and easy to use. It saves buying a heap of different utensils at home for making drinks, so saves room in your drawers. I don't think a professional bar tender would use this but for at home it's a great tool that everyone gets a bit of a kick out of trying out!

Paul1017, Norman Gardens QLD


I used this product a number of times and to me it wasn't as good as I hoped. It's very large and bulky and not easy to clean after use. I have a Uber Bar Tools set and I find they are better quality bar tools and come in a handy carry bag. It's a solid product for the price, but if you want a solid set of bar tools, I would spend the extra money and get a better bar tools set. If you want something that's convenient and easy to use, then I give this a try.

elizabeth, Dromana VIC


A great novelty idea and a tool especially good for travel and outdoor use. A good selection of gadgets to have all together and a perfect gift for the hard to buy for . I found it a sturdy tool although hard to get some of the gadgets out. For myself I find separate tools more user friendly and easier to clean.The Bar10der does the job and I'm sure would get lots of use