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About The Product

The New Generation Zip Up BABY SWADDLE or SLEEPBAG. An easy option for swaddling a baby. Your baby will feel secure, snug and sleep better with the stretchy organic cotton fabric.

It allows your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position that suits them without waking up.

Comes with poppers in the arms for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready,

The ergoCocoon gives your baby the option of sleeping arms free or tucked in.


Product Reviews

Louisemcd, Jamisontown NSW


My baby slept perfectly all night. No worries about arms coming out of the wrap.
She didnt over heat, the ergo pouch seemed to be just right.
She usually wakes up because her arms get cold during the night, but with the ergo pouch she stayed snug all night.
Think for sure I will be buying more.
Totally recommend for any babies who need to feel snug and wrapped up all night.

Lisa1284, Bathurst NSW


What an amazing product! Beautiful breathy material that washes well! I like the fact that you have the options of letting the arms out as well. I think that is important to have both options. I love the pink colour. Looks great! I am recommending these to any new mum I come across! Thank you!

Nathan96, Cranbourne VIC


I love these sleeping bags! my little boy gets very hot, but enjoys the comfort of being swaddled. The Ergo pouch satisfies both issues. He never gets hot now and sleeps much better. Thank you ergo I'm so happy.