17 x Together we Cook Cake Kits

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About The Product

Together we Cook is an Australian owned mother and daughter business.

As a qualified chef with 20 years’ experience, I have enjoyed sharing my passion for cake baking with my daughter. Together we have been making cakes for our friends and family over many years.

We all know that a homemade cake is always that little bit more special, but sometimes running around from place to place to gather ingredients and decorations can be quite daunting. Well, not anymore. We have done all the running around and packaged it up for you,our kits provide everything needed from cake mix, icing, pure vanilla extract, premium chocolate, decorations and disposable baking mould. Now you can share the experience with others, with the satisfaction of making your own cake!

Our cakes are simple, easy to make and delicious to boot! With a variety of flavours and styles - you'll be sure to find the perfect cake to suit your needs.

Our vision is for our customers to feel inspired, to create something from the heart for that special person or occasion. With our passion and yours Together We Cook.


Product Reviews

Derek6, Redbank Plains QLD


Hi All

Amazing kit, easy to follow, everything you need is in the pack, its a a great cake to bake with family. Great tasting, have no problems recommending this to a non-cook. Just loved it, it was hard not cutting a piece while it was still hot.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Allison9, Caboolture QLD


Chocolate Allsorts

Once the Chocolate Allsorts kit arrived straight away I noticed how well it was presented.
At first I had the "wow" factor thinking oh boy it looks complicated, once I started to make the cake I was very surprised as to how easy it really was and so so fuss free! The instructions were extremely straight forward hence the reason I think I found it so straight forward to make. The cake took a little longer to cook then suggested as it was very dense and formed and tasted more like a pudding, at this stage I started to get concerned as to how it would turn out and would it cook through, would it be too thick. Once again I found myself surprised as once fully ready and cooled the cake had turned out lovely.
The making of the ganache was nice and easy and turned out nice and even flowing, once the cake was cool the ganache was poured on followed with the flake and lollies.
The cake tasted lovely and light with a lovely taste that was to too over powering of chocolate, which I thought would be an issue with so much chocolate. We did find the lollies a little in the way when trying to eat the cake.
If this was available in the shops I would purchase the kit, especially if I had time to bake and wanted to impress.

Jessica1339, Horsham VIC


This cake was easy to make and is absolutely melts in your mouth moist. The flavor of the cake is nice and chocolatey and complimented by the chocolate gnash. The size of the cake is very generous and there is more than enough icing to cover the cake. Similarly, the packet of lollies for on top of the cake is generous in its serving. Not only were there more than enough lollies to place on top of the cake, I even had some left over to stick onto the sides of the cake. It looked so good, my husband kept trying to steal the lollies and icing all day.

The cake was easy to make by following the simple step by step instructions. My only comment here would be that you need to read through the instructions fully before you commence baking to realize that you need to buy your own butter and cream to add to the recipe.

This cake making gift you make a great present for anyone who love baking. It would make an awesome present for any teenager learning to cook for for an older child to make together with a parent. Alternatively, you could bake the cake and let the kids go free decorating the cake with all the lollies.

jenny187112, Keilor East VIC


I was a nice cake to bake and eat

Kevin, Sturt SA


We baked the cake today, overall the experience was a positive one with the most important end result being a nice looking and yummy cake.
I did like the way all the ingredients were named and the only things we needed to add to the actual cake were water, butter and two eggs.
There was a slight issue with one of the bagged items having a gap in the seal. But it had no effect on the final product.
The ganache also needed a small amount of creme but that is to be expected. The ganache was easy to make and added a lovely chocolaty topping and sides.
The lollies for the topping were a bit difficult as the odd one disappeared every time I turned around to do something else. The ones not borrowed/eaten were placed on top and did add a nice texture to the cake.
I was hesitant about using the disposable cake tin as it didn't look like it would be able to hold the contents as required. I was so wrong. It held up wonderfully and just tears of easily. That is a great piece of design work and should be a big selling point.
Nice work and congrats to both of you for the product.