17 x The Secrets in Silence by Nicole Trope

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There was so much anger brewing in the child that sometimes Alicia feared for all of them. And now she had gone and done this terrible thing. This terrible, terrible thing.

Tara has lost her voice. She knows there was pain and fear but she cannot remember anything else. Now she can only answer the questions with silence.

Minnie has buried her voice for years, losing herself in silence and isolation, keeping her secrets safe and her broken heart concealed.

Liam finds refuge in silence; it is a place to go to when he cannot get the words out.

Kate cannot speak for herself just yet.

People are only separated from each other by moments, by fate and coincidence.

One teenage mistake, one shocking choice and one terrible night will lead to courage found, voices raised and the truth finally spoken.

A gripping, moving novel from Australia's queen of white-knuckle suspense and searing family drama.

Product Reviews

Vicki319, Ingleburn NSW


I enjoyed the book it was an easy read, the intrigue went from beginning to end and has even left the door open for a sequel.
It tells the story of the effects mental disease can have on a child and it takes until that child realises what the repercussions of their actions is having on others for them come to terms with the total situation and accept it for what it is.

Rebecca1966, Notting Hill VIC


The book revolves around 15 year old Tara who cannot remember giving birth, and Minnie who found the baby and thought she was given a gift from God to raise. It is Gripping,honest and thought provoking that has real life issues.
It is also emotionally charged book about choices in life, mistakes, fate and finding your own voice.

Fair level of suspense which makes you want to continue to read.

The end didn't end as I thought it would but was a overall great read.

Caitlyn65, Beenleigh QLD


A cast of seemingly unlikely characters are drawn together by a single traumatic event in one teen's life. The varied causes and for the title silence are the real meat of the novel. Tara can't voice what has happened, Liam has never found a voice, Alicia is afraid of what needs to be said, Kate is too young to share her story and Minnie is desperately hoping no one will speak the truth.

I found the pace of this novel lyric and the clearly drawn Australian setting framed an elegant tale of family, trauma, secrets and shockingly poor decisions. The plot contrivances to pair Tara and Minnie after Kate's arrival were very thin, but the character portraits were such that you wanted to overlook this.

Ultimately, bad decisions lead to an untenable situation which is finally laid bare in the novel's violent end. I particularly liked that there was no bright red bow at the end tying up loose ends of such a complicated situation. Instead, the silence is ended with an acknowledgement of the existing situation and a consensus for change rather than a fairytale resolution.

pastaman66, Pakenham VIC


After reading Nicole Trope "The Secrets in Silence."I have to say this was an short but enjoyable read. It's easy to read and I Like a good mystery and it doesn't turn out the way you'd expect.Do yourself a favour, read this book.

Christy51, Dolls Point NSW


Nicole Trope is very talented, a very griping and thought provoking book. Great book about silence, secrets, choice and fate. I was on the edge of my seat the whole book and could not put it down. Definitely something worth reading !