17 x Savannah Avo Shark Kitchen Utensils

About The Product

A healthy snack is now as simple as cut, de-pip, scoop, slice and mash. Australian kitchenware brand, Savannah, has designed an innovative five-in-one avocado tool – the award-winning Avo Shark. This clever and unique implement handles the entire preparation process from the first cut to the final mash.

Dishwasher safe and with a ten year guarantee, the Avo Shark was also awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2014.

Savannah’s Avo Shark is available for an RRP of $14.95 at major national retailers including Myer, Wheel & Barrow, The General Trader, Howards Storage World,  www.kitchenwaredirect.com.au as well as local independent kitchenware and gift retailers.

Product Reviews

Jeanette307, Hawker Act ACT


So fantastic to have a simple tool to look after all your avocado challenges! Makes cutting and slicing a breeze, and I have to say my avocado slices looked more professional than ever before! Thanks AVO Shark - great tool!

debba, Highfields QLD


I eat avocado each day. This is a fantastic tool. So easy to use and so easy to clean.
It's quick and safe and a lot less messy then my previous ways. I love it.

cuteone, Caulfield South VIC


Such a clever tool for avocadoes. To be able to do everything with 1 tool is great and the Savannah Avo Shark is so easy to use and also to clean. I would highly recommend this utensil.

Susan1619, St.andrews NSW


Worked a treat. Did everything that was shown on the packet . Definitely made preparing the avocado a lot easier than using an ordinary kitchen knife. Welcome addition to my kitchen utensils.

Mindy, Sunbury VIC


I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this product when I first saw it. It looks clunky, it's big and quite confronting. I love eating avocados but always manage to either have the pip shoot off somewhere along the floor or leave too much flesh in the skin so I was interested to see how the Avo Shark would operate.

What can I say? It's great. The teeth are perfect for removal of the seed - no more slippery pips for me - and the masher helps make perfect guacamole.

I love that the blade comes with a protective sheath so I can just whack it in the draw and not have to worry about cuts or damage to the blade. I love that the scoop elevates off the bench slightly so I don't smear avocado flesh everywhere; and mostly, I love that there's now an all in one tool that makes cutting, eating and disposing of avocado so much easier than usual.

Great product. If you eat avocados regularly, you can't really be without one.