17 x RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpeners

About The Product

Australian men spend up to $300 a year binning razor blades that become blunt after a few shaves. In an attempt to prolong their use, many men keep using blunt, dirty blades, leading to razor burn, breakouts and increased sensitivity.

RazorPit is a simple, Danish-designed device that re-sharpens and cleans razor blades, prolonging their lifespan for up to 150 shaves.

On average, men use between 30 and 40 razor cartridges a year, but regular use of the RazorPit can reduce that amount to three; a saving of up to $200 a year and 90% less consumption.

After all, you wouldn’t throw out a blunt pencil – why do the same with your razor?

With over $230M being spent on razor blades in Australia each year, RazorPit saves you money and helps to protect our precious environment. Over 25 000 Australians are already ‘shaving themselves a fortune’ with RazorPit.

RazorPit is available at Shaver Shop nationally and Pharmacy Online. RRP $29.95


Product Reviews

Danielle267, Glebe NSW


The Razor Pit is Fantastic, A very great new products totally different from anything else out there, it really does sharpen the blades, I was so surprised, My mum went out and got 1 for dad straight away. Saves a fortune on More Razors, Highly Recommend. Great Fathers day, Valentines day, B-day, or Xmas pressies every Man needs 1 of these Razor Pits!!!

mnmsharp, Simpson VIC


It is absolutely amazing! Disposable razors end up sharper then they were originally and can be used over and over again. Simple and easy to use. The savings will not take long to add up.

Diann4, Gin Gin QLD


I have to admit that I had no idea what this product was going to be like, but because we use a lot of disposable razors in the house I was happy to be able to give it a try. I was skeptible when I opened it and was not sure it was going to work, but it does, it cleans the razor easily. Happy with this product and so is my husband :)

Krystal169, Glenmore Park NSW


Thankyou so much for letting me try this product, this is amazing and haven't had to buy more razor blades,

George20, Gymea Bay NSW


I was skeptical if this would really work but what a pleasant surprise! Don't ask me how it works but it does... will save hundreds on razors what a great invention!

Noel, Darley VIC


Although skeptical at first, I found that the RazorPit Blade Sharpener really worked. I initially used a blunt blade that I had used and had discarded back into the blade holder and was amazed that it was no longer blunt after using the sharpener a few times. I have since been using the sharpener after every second shave and the blade has remained like new. Would strongly recommend to all those men out there who are sick and tired of throwing away blades after minimal use.