17 x Pairs of Venti20 POCKETBLADE Reading Glasses

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About The Product


Sick of daggy reading glasses that add years to your face? Finally the solution is here. Venti20 have just launched the revolutionary POCKETBLADE reading glasses exclusively to Australia. The stylish and durable design makes these reading glasses easy to transport without the need for bulky cases and the risk of breakage. And they look great too.

The arms rotate to cover the lenses, which act as the case. When you need them you just unclick, open and twist.

The POCKETBLADE is designed for adventurous, fun-seeking individuals who generally love life but don’t need the hassle of wearing glasses. They can be worn for a wide range of lifestyle activities including reading menus, using your mobile phone, reading maps and GPS screens when walking, fishing, sailing, skiing etc. Pockets, gloveboxes, bags and toolboxes - the POCKETBLADE is an indispensable companion that is ready whenever and wherever you need to look sharp.

Venti20 POCKETBLADE readers are available in a range of 6 great colours and patterns, and at optical strengths from +1.0 to +3.0. They retail at just $29.95.

The arms rotate to cover the lenses acting as the case. The end result totally eliminates the need for a case yet remains robust, compact and above all, extremely portable.

To purchase a pair, or to find your nearest stockist, visit www.venti20.com

Product Reviews

maryana117115, Elizabeth North SA


I like the range of movement from the arms, it is a great idea.
The weight and size of the glasses were brilliant, so lightweight. They fit anywhere.
The look of the Venti20 Pocketblade reading glasses was cool and very modern.

Crystal, Singleton Heights NSW


These glasses are great! they have a practical, slim and stylish design with a great case and pouch protection included. Well worth buying, they also look very sophisticated and smart on!

Crystal, Singleton Heights NSW


smart, slim, stylish and fantastic, practical and inexpensive.

Sharon, Rochford VIC


Hi, I received these in the mail today. Really nice style and very handy for the Handbag - Well worth a purchase. Thanks heaps.