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About The Product

How do you get the simplest solution to a problem? Ask a kid!

Ellie Jane's grandmother had a problem. She couldn’t easily read on her iPhone and iPad and keep them at a comfortable angle. An angle that enabled her to get an optimal view of the screen without giving her a stiff neck or sore wrists.

13 year old Ellie did some research and found that there were stands on the market but that they did not do the job well enough. So she got out her mother’s sewing machine and invented her own! The padpod was born. Her Nana was delighted and now finds her padpod indispensable.

Ellie was soon very busy making padpods because everyone else in the family wanted one too. And then all their friends. Ellie's triangle shaped bean bag is stable on your lap, lying in bed or placed on a table or desk. The iPad, Kindle or smartphone can be placed on it at any angle that is comfortable. Whether lying on your back or side. It can be used at work or home, in bed, in a plane or a car - anywhere!

Ellie's Mum, Jenny, is an occupational therapist, so she helped Ellie refine the design of the padpod to the highest standards of comfort and safety. The weight of the iPad, or whatever other item you are using, holds it in place on the padpod naturally. There is no need for straps or adhesives. You can use the padpod to hold anything – your iPad,

Kindle, smartphone, cookbooks in the kitchen or a novel in bed. It even works as a great pillow in the car.

Simple, elegant and effective. Designed for comfort. padpod!

Product Reviews

Kathy198, Cleveland QLD


Love the pad pod , very comfortable to use. Can go anywhere, and holds my iPad securely.

Anne, Alexandra Headland QLD


The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped my padpod was the colour which is aptly named "Dragonfly Green" , a nice change from black which seems to be the colour of most things technology related.
After a 5 minute tussle between my 13 year old daughter and myself who was going to try it out first (I won) , the cushiony feel was perfectly comfortable to be holding or perched on my lap while I used my iPad. Loved how I could put it on the couch or on the floor and my iPad was still nestled securely on the padpod.
Gave it another workout in the kitchen that evening as I used a recipe on my iPad. Didn't actually get any food or spills on the padpod but think that the material used would easily be able to be wiped down with no problems at all.
Finally gave the padpod to my daughter to use who was perched up in bed and she is now asking if she can keep it as she was impressed how she doesn't have to prop her iPad up on pillows or just on her lap.
Love the versatility of he padpod. I am one of those people who are usually doing more than one thing at once so love how my iPad can be supported on the padpod while I am doing something else.

Susanne-59, Newport QLD


Received my padpod and I must admit I love it. I have arthritis in my hands and after a while of holding my Ipad hands will cramp and ache and the adjustable stand I have for it doesn't really work in your lap. I have found that I can use the padpod any where, but I love how I can curl up on the lounge and be able to use my Ipad without the pain and discomfort in my hands. The only down side is that I have to fight my daughter for it. So looks like I will have to buy her one.

Natasha291, Forbes NSW


A innovative product, I love it makes reading my tablet easy curled up on the lounge, very light and comfortable on my lap. My mum is using it too and finds it easier to use her e-reader than the other tablet holder I bought her. She can access the side buttons easy with the padpod and gives a better viewing angle. I will defintely be buying another one and would recommend this product highly to everyone.

mnmsharp, Simpson VIC


In my sons words, it is AWESOME!! Makes using the ipad much easier and keeps it nice and stable everywhere he is uses it, in the car, on the couch, on the floor, just lazing around - everywhere really.

marketraider, Caboolture QLD


A great and very versatile product, which I now use nearly daily. Perfect for reading in bed and holding up my tablet whilst multi-tasking between it and my laptop. I also like that the padpod comes in a great range of colours, so everyone in the family can have their own.

lyn, Hindmarsh Island SA


I was loving using my padpod on the couch with my Ipad to be oh so comfy and showed it to my mother-in-law . She loves to read in bed but finds it hard to hold a book at the right height without getting sore shoulders and wrists. She trialled it and loved it too .... but she'll have to wait until Mother's day as she's not getting mine!

mickydee, Craigieburn VIC


keeps hold of any tablet. great for the kids to use in the car.

Ashley279, Hobart TAS


Thank you for the opportunity to try this innovative product!

At first I was skeptical that the padpod could provide me with any real value.
However after positioning my tablet (Samsung Galaxy 10 inch) on the bag and pretending to play on the screen, it felt quite good and secure. Now after using it numerous times, I don’t like playing on my tablet without it!

Because the majority of the time I use my tablet away from my house, it is not always convenient to take the padpod with me. This would be its only downfall.

Tatiana18, Herne Hill VIC


We've been using the PadPod for almost a month now. Absolutely love it.. No more sore wrists watching my movies in bed. We recently went away and took it with us on the plane - was fantastic as we also used it as a pillow for our 6 year old to rest his head against the window. Soo glad we have one now.