17 x Milky Foot Packs

About The Product

New improved Milky Foot is the effortless way to exfoliate your feet.

Milky Foot now features comfier socks with a gentler, low-irritant formula that delivers more intense results, in much less time…and all in the comfort of your home. Just slip on the wrap-around socks for 45 minutes and let this cooling treatment do the work for you! After 3 days, hardened skin will peel away leaving you with milky soft feet. Milky Foot’s new almond and milk-based formula effortlessly softens your feet and provides longer-lasting results, so you can step out in confidence. Available in pharmacies nationally.


Product Reviews

nicky53, Harrisville QLD


Much to my surprise this product did work exactly as described! I followed the directions and timed it, hoping nobody would call in. Nothing happened for 3 days, then the next morning the skin was coming off in sheets. It took about 24 hours for it all to come away. There was no pain or discomfort at any stage, very easy to use. I would highly recommend it.

Kerryn53, Wynnum West QLD


was blown away by how quick and easy it is to use and how painlessly the skin comes off and feet were left looking like new feet, am amazed and will definitely be making this a regular routine for my feet, would recommend to all my friends and family, just loved it and was truly impressed

janeyh, Williamstown VIC


I must admit with Summer coming I was very grateful, or should that be my feet were very grateful, to be testing Milky Foot. These socks promise to remove harden skin, cracks and moisturise. In my case I found this to be true. As the socks have to be worn for about 60mins I choose to do this over the weekend when hubby was around to kiddie wrangle. "Sorry hubby you'll have to do that I have my Milky Foot socks on" could have been used for slightly more than an hour! The peeling effect of the skin shedding took a couple of days so I'd do this process a week in advance of any event you're thinking of going to. You do want flaking skin following you around! My feet are now looking very healthy just in time for Summer. Definitely worth a go.