17 x Just Fair Coffee Capsule Packs

About The Product

Just Fair Coffee is made from 100% Fairtrade and organically certified Arabica beans meaning this coffee is not only good for you, but also benefits the communities and plantations where it’s grown. Sourced in Honduras and Peru, Just Fair is roasted, blended and packed in Melbourne.

Originally only available for an espresso machine, the Just Fair range now also comes in easy to use Nespresso-compatible capsules. This delicious range includes a Full and Mid Strength Espresso, making for a full-bodied blend with a smooth nutty coca taste. Just Fair Coffee capsules also come in a brand new Single Origin variety highlighting chocolatey flavours. Rounding out the Just Fair range is the much loved Hot Chocolate, a delicious family favourite which is great for all ages.

The Just Fair capsule range is now available in selected IGA supermarkets.

Product Reviews

Janet7, Camira QLD


Delicious flavours - especially LOVE the hot chocolate, ethically sourced ingredients that are conveniently packaged for single usage - ideal to take to work. Curl up on the couch (or at your desk) with a cuppa of Just Fair hot chocolate and take a mini-break - you deserve it.

Carmen6, St.albans VIC


Loved and enjoyed all 4 of the products and will definetly will buy them now that I have tried them.

Ellen251, Wagga Wagga NSW


Great coffee pods, I really liked the green strength pods which are perfect with milk for a cappuccino. The hot chocolate was also really yummy! I also like that you don't use unnecessary single packaging for each pod, like some other brands on the market. Fantastic fair trade product.

Sandra30, Seaton SA


We decided on a family coffee night to test these out. The hot chocolate was a hit with the children and nan, creamy, velvety chocolate. The more adventurous went for the coffee with the medium strength espresso being the favourite. The family decided that as a group they would not hesitate to recommend the product in particular the mid espresso which was the most preferred. Knowing it is also part of the fair trade was a big winner as we recently watched a special on this and was appalled at the in human treatment of workers

sass153, North Lakes (QLD) QLD


these are amazing, i haven't tried them before, i loved the different tastes of coffee, there really is one flavour for everyone in the family, my favourite was the hot chocolate, so creamy and rich, the fact that they are fair trade makes it more of a reason to buy them, i will definitely be buying and recommending them

Emma2001, Chatswood NSW


I am in love with my Nespresso machine and often wonder what I would do without it. I have tried other supermarket compatible capsules previously and never thought much of them. The Just Fair Coffee capsules are absolutely delicious! My favourites and the first to disappear were definitely the hot chocolate capsules followed closely by the single origin capsules. I think that my coffee addiction has increased since I received these in the mail. If these are easy to find in the supermarkets, they will be replacing my Nespresso brand capsules!

Mike213, Zetland NSW


Great coffee and an even better initiative behind it. I didn't think capsule coffee could taste this full-bodied and smooth at the same time. I tried each one and found the full strength to be my favourite, nice full coffee flavour and no bitter aftertaste. Each flavour is unique though, and the Hot Chocolate option is so much more useful and preferable to have on hand than a decaf. Who drinks decaf anyway?!

But the idea of creating a quality and organic coffee product that benefits the growers and workers that we often don't think about when sipping on our brew is just another reason JUST FAIR is a product I'd recommend and drink again for sure.

Not to mention, the used capsules are biodegradable plastic, so that's another big tick as well. RAD.

Kevin368, Deagon QLD


Nice packaging, works well in Nespresso machine. The full strength coffee was not too intense and the mid strength was enjoyed by the non coffee drinkers in our household.
The hot chocolate was nice, but Milo was preferred.
All in all a very good product

cp, Warranwood VIC


Coffee tastes great but my favourite is the Hot Chocolate pods which are compatible with Nespresso machines. For the first time I've been able to produce a quick and easy hot chocolate with the same consistency each time.

Nidhi gupta nawab, Nundah QLD


I am addicted to coffee and was extremely excited to be selected to trial these coffee pods to be used in my nespresso coffee machines.
This little pods are extremely yummy and helped combat my craving for coffee as well my sweet tooth with utterly delicious chocolate pods. I love the fact that they are 100% fairtrade as well as organic. Aroma is so good even the non coffee drinker will crave for a cuppa, the only thing is they are not available at all the local supermarkets other then that they are a real winner. :)

Hila2, Donvale VIC


Great tasting coffee at a wonderful price.

Jessica1275, Blaxland NSW


I loved the Just Fair Coffee range. The capsules do not have individually packaging, which I love as it limits the amount of rubbish per packet of capsules. Once open, I recommend storing the capsules in an airtight container to help retain their freshness.

The strength of the coffee was great and there is a marked difference between the full and mid strength but both have a wonderful taste.

I'm happy to continue my coffee addiction with these great tasting coffee capsules as they are 100% fair trade and organic. I hope your local IGA store stocks these beauties so you can get some today!

Chris571, Kellyville NSW


Lovely coffee! Great flavour and very smooth. The hot chocolate by itself was a little too weak for me but it was great to use in a mocha. Great taste and also love that it's fair trade.

BJones, Beeliar WA


I was pleasantly surprised with the Just Fair coffee capsules. The Full Strength was my favourite, the flavour was amazing! The hot chocolate was very yummy too and made a great Mocha when added to the coffee. I will definately be buying these capsules again