17 x Harriet Clare Fiction Series

About The Product

Harriet is a normal everyday girl who really cares for her friends, sometimes gets into trouble, worries a lot, but always tries to do the right thing. Now she needs a new BFF - you! - to help solve her mega-huge and awesomely nutty problems. 

As Harriet's new bestie, she'll ask readers for advice, to draw a picture of their own BFF, or even decorate a cool skateboard. 

The first two books in the series, Boys Beware and Pinkie Swear, are laugh-out-loud funny and relatable adventures for readers looking for a good friend like Harriet.

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Product Reviews

Liz2932, Highton VIC


These books were such fun for my niece. She really enjoyed how interactive they were, and enjoyed the humour. I think i am her favorite Aunty now!

Christine, Doreen VIC


I gave my grand-daughters who are 9 and 10 one each of these books.They absolutely love them and have taken them to school to show their teachers and class.They are funny,witty and very interactive for that age group.Will be looking out for more in this series for them.

Jacqui474, Kingston Se SA


Reminds me of being a girl. Love these books, I can't wait to give them to my granddaughter.

Millyant, Ninderry QLD


My 9 year old book loving granddaughter loved these books. She said she could relate to Harriet, though she didn't want to write in the books ( she didn't want to spoil them ) she drew/wrote on separate paper to the book, or just told Harriet what she would do. She has shared the books with her friends and even taken them to school to show her teacher who liked them and read one to the class. I read Boys Beware and found it very amusing, even having a giggle myself. My granddaughter has already requested more Harriet Clare books, no guesses to what she will be getting for Christmas. I would highly recommend these books.

Debbie2610, Mango Hill QLD


I gave the books to my 7 year old granddaughter to read. Well she just devoured both! She told me she really loved them and couldn't wait to get some more. She thought the story's were good and funny, she loved the pictures too.

I think she will relate to these story's as she gets older. I would recommend these to 7 to 10 year olds.

Now that's she's read them, she's looking forward to drawing in them herself. I guess I know what to buy her for Christmas. Thanks so much for the opportunity to open up a new world of reading to my special girl.

Georgina211, Riverview NSW


What wonderful books! Within seconds of receiving them they were secreted away in my daughters room. All she did for a week was talk non stop about the books, what was in them and how amazing they were. Esp that Harriet was awesome.
I think endorsement enough for such great books.
Looking forward to others to be released.

Courtney2, Croydon VIC


2 very cute books by author Louise Park; book 1, Boys Beware, involves protagonist Harriet Clare looking for a new best friend after breaking up with her old one, and book 2, Pinkie Swear, is about a sleepover where someone broke a pinkie swear.
These books are great for readers 6 and up and involve lots of drawing and interaction with the story, young readers will feel like Harriet is talking to them.
Definitely recommended for those just getting into reading or ones who struggle to keep their attention on a longer book.

Jayne77, Manly NSW


Apologies for the late review, but I only have good things to say about the delightful Harriet books. The little miss identified with the fun, feisty Harriet so much, she invented her own games in which she starred as Miss H! Of course, we all had to play along... Thank you for inventing a character that enables the child to talk about issues, worries and dreams and find her way through them. What a clever idea!

Melicia, Landsdale WA


These are fun and fabulous books! Easy to read with lots of laughs :)

Nola63, Hillston NSW


Colourful and interesting

Suzana28, Revesby NSW


The books are very interesting.there are pictures in the books and the reader can draw pictures as well.kids 8 and over would just love this book. It's about a girl who has a wobbly tooth and scared to pull out. It's about friends,family ,pets,messy rooms.