17 x foost Slinky Apple Machines

About The Product

Foost's apple slinky machine is a peeler, corer and slicer which creates a quick, fun and healthy snack for kids of all ages. Because apples taste sweeter when they are slinky ... and kids go bananas for them!

Machines are great in the home, office, canteen or school holiday program. Everybody loves slinky apples! Slinky apples are delicious in cooking. Use slinky apples to make baked apples, apple pies, apple crumbles, apple pancakes and apple chips.

It’s also perfect for healthy fundraising. Sell slinky apples for a gold coin at your school or sporting club. Use donated apples for 100% perfect profit.


Product Reviews

Sam78, Belfield NSW


Top product so cool the kids love apples now and great for potatoes too :)

Rosita165823, Cessnock NSW


Wow how handy is this little gadget, the foost Slinky is so easy to use, easy to clean and so fast in getting apples ready for hungry little people, I care for 6 little people during the week and when they all need their apple treat the foost slinky has come in handy for quick apples ready for eating. My little chargers mums have also been interested after I showed them how to use it, I have prepared apples for apple pies the other day and it was a breeze, should have had one years ago.

Julie1143, Wonga Park VIC


my 2 year old loves eating apples, slinky has made my daily apple coring easy. its great and my son enjoys watching while i core his apple. Thanks LifeStyle

Frank143982, Charlestown NSW


Having just received my Slinky Apple Machine in the post I had to try it immediately. After looking in my pantry I decided to attempt something I have never made before, apple tarte tartin. WOW. The slinky worked perfectly and was very quick. I had perfectly even sliced apples in minutes which made my finished tarte tartin look like it was made by a professional chef.
I than let my 5 year old grandson slinky his own apple, another 1st as he refuses to eat apple, he was absolutely fascinated watching the slinky operate and I am happy to say ate about half the apple. My grandson and I are now trolling through my recipe collection picking out more recipes to test the slinky on. Thank you for letting me trial this product.
(I can see day care children and preschoolers loving this handy and fascinating little gadget.)

Julie141, Buderim QLD


Hi my name is Julie Downham and I was lucky enough to win a Foost Slinky Apple machine, that I received a few weeks ago.

As we do not have any young children at home, my husband and I will be using it for lots of different recipes, as I love to cook.

A couple of recipes that I use regularly for mid week quick meals, are Goats Cheese Salad, which feature green and red apples, using the slinky machine adds a bit of character to an otherwise simple dish.

Another recipe I use is a Waldorf salad, which uses green apples, again using the slinky machine just adds a bit of "oomph" to the dish.

We have used the slinky machine to slinky apples as a snack, but I would prefer to use it as a tool for cooking.

Thank you for the opportunity to review this product.

Kerry198, Pakenham VIC


what a fantastic product to get the kids into eating more fruit my 2 have had alot of fun with this product it is easy and safe for the kids to use under supervision as there are some sharp parts on the slinky would highly recomment this product to anyone who has children or are young at heart themselve.

sass153, North Lakes (QLD) QLD


received this product his morning and kids were so excited! its a great product but the suction part that is on the bottom is rubbish, it doesn't have any suction at all, so had to help the kids by holding it. we have eaten lots of apples this morning and the kids are dying to try potatoes!