17 x Everyday Straight Kits

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About The Product

Jo Baz is the newest hair care range to hit Australian shores. Direct from the UK, Jo Baz includes a range of products suitable for all hair types. Hair disaster or wrong shade? Unmanageable and frizzy hair? Or simply want to get back to your natural colour? Look no further than Jo Baz, now available across Australia and New Zealand in selected Priceline, Big W, Farmers, Countdown and New World stores.

Have you been trying to manage unruly, curly hair you wished was straight? Try Jo Baz Everyday Straight Hair and in a matter of minutes the salon straightening and smoothing systems will eliminate the hair horrors of frizz, curl, wave, bulk and unruly hair. Everyday Straight Hair is the conditioning 'at home' straightening and smoothing product that acts as a dual system for its users.

Product Reviews

Riana4, Mackay QLD


This JoBaz product is very easy to use in the convenience of your own home with a four step instruction guide that is very simple to follow. My hair before using this product was wavy and very frizzy, after using this it became straight and silky. My hair was not healthy before using this and now it looks great! My initial thoughts of using an at home straightening kit were uncertain, but after using this I have never been happier with the look of my hair. I will definatley be buying this product in the future.

Carolyn08, Emerald QLD


Wow, this product is amazing. Not only is my frizzy hair hair now dead straight, but it feels great with no breakages. It's so easy to straighten my hair now. I love it. I highly recommend the Jo Baz Everyday Straight hair product.

Samantha864, East Brisbane QLD


When I used this productmy hair was moderately wavey, I followed all the instructions and was perfectly straight for the first day, but after I washed it 3 days later went back to my normal wave hair, it has made my hair alot easier to straighten now although I did not find it kept my hair straight unfortunately, I tried the process a second time and again followed the correct process and the same thing happened. My hair is still quite wavey and frizzy but I do recommend this product to people to help control wavey hair but not completely straighten it.