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About The Product

There are few books that should carry a warning on the cover – turning the pages could be life altering. ENERGY INTELLIGENCE, Personal Power Through Spiritual Awareness, by Aleksandra Zaric is a unique fresh approach to success and happiness- balancing the practical with the metaphysical. Its easy-to-read content addresses not just the way our minds work but how it impacts on our emotions, words and subsequent actions. The reader will be astonished to learn how easily they can influence their physical world and change their reality by designing their life the way they want it to be designed. Energy Intelligence brings the major disciplines of self-help, guides for success, spiritual growth, and new age, into one book. The most influential elements within these fields, and across all denominations, have been merged into a book that offers a refreshing path for busy people who demand the ability to reach goals without stopping what they are doing. Be warned – these are not magical or mystical practices but simple, practical processes that anyone can apply to their life. Ask your bookstore for this title or purchase online at website www.aleksandrazaric.com

Product Reviews

Caroline179151, Rutherford NSW


It was insightful and very inspiring. I already try and practice this books message and now I have further knowledge on how to better my life and those around me.

jennifer, Clifton Springs VIC


Reading this book as allowed me to really explore the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Understand how powerful both can be in living a happier life and letting go of the things that are holding me back. I believe you need to understand yourself intimately before you can really know where you're headed and achieve goals and happiness. This book provided me with the understanding and skills to unlock the power of my thoughts and body. Very good book. One I would like to read again.

Mandy, Rasmussen QLD


I loved this book, so very helpful and easy to understand- I keep coming back for more inspiration,- a wonderful uplifting read!

Effie73687, Oakleigh South VIC


Energy Intelligence is inspirational, spiritual, interactive and practical. This novel has taught me how to focus on positive energy and how to steer away negative energy with exercises throughout the book. This novel has shown me to take charge of my own destiny to happiness, and how to achieve my goals both at work and in my personal life by focusing on happy thoughts and positive energy.

gildat, Templestowe Lower VIC


I really enjoyed reading this book although I think I will benefit more by reading it a second and third time. I think you get more out of it if you are totally relaxed and not stressed out when you are reading this book. I found it very easy to read and follow.

Kathryn, Salisbury Park SA


Found this book to be VERY uplifting and allowed my mind to open to new ideas and thoughts. Putting things into practice will be my next goal and having the book at home will mean i can easily refer to it for guidence.