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About The Product

From bestselling author David Gillespie comes the only permanent solution to weight-loss and disease prevention.

The author cuts through the conflicting messages about so-called health food and shares the simple secret of weight-loss and wellbeing: swap processed food for real food.

Eat Real Food features an explanation of why diets don't work, recipes to replace common processed items, and meal plans that show how simple it is to plan, shop and cook real food.

Eat Real Food is the safe, effective and cheap solution to lasting good health.

Product Reviews

jessbale, Orange NSW


I absolutely love this book. It's like the 'diet and healthy food bible'.

I have always struggled with my weight. This book is great for educating people on the mistakes they have been making and losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Great tips on how to read food labels, great snack advice especially for children and some really exciting food swaps and meal plans.

This book is a must for people wanting a healthier and happier weight and lifestyle.

Patricia181, Underwood QLD


This book,is a must read for anyone interested in healthy eating or dieting. Very informative and easy to follow and understand. I liked the way it was broken down into sections, and being Australian, it had the products we all use every day, with the bonus of several basic recipes in the back of the book.
I highly recommend to this book to everyone

Alison302, Gawler SA


Finally a book that tells us how it is, I have often said to my husband that if we ate what our grandparents and great grand parents ate we would be much healthier. We changed to low fat everything years ago and it has not helped one bit, we recently changed back to full fat everything as both of us are struggling with our weight and we have tried so many different diets and finally got fed up with having to refuse family dinners etc that we gave up, nothing seemed to work for very long and we would lose 1 or 2 kgs and as soon as we ate something forbidden back on it came. I had never had a weight problem until I reached 45 and suddenly on it came, I always thought that it was only lazy people who were fat, now I know better.

Although its going to be hard we are going to break the sugar addiction, east real food, we have started a vegy patch and with friends we are each going to grow something different and share.
We are fortunate that we have 85 acres and can rear our own sheep and cattle and another friend can rear meat birds and another has pigs all grass fed no grain fed.

The book was enlightening and I would recommend that anyone who cares about their health and childs health read this book. We are stand in grandparents for a 2 year old and she is given a lot of sweet food and drinks, so I am giving my copy of the book to her mother to read.

Once again and excellent book.

Many Thanks

Wendy, Sydney NSW


This book is a must read for everyone. I don't think diet is the right description - it's about your health. It's about eating better to stay well. So much illness comes from processed food. It's a message we keep hearing but David actually explains the science behind why. He has statistics to back it up. And most importantly he then explains how to make the changes in your life with minimum fuss and expense. It's not about super foods or expensive ingredients. It's not about going hungry. It's not about the latest heath food fads - it's about cutting out 'poison' and what to replace it with. It's about great tasting food, where to shop and what to cook to stop you from being overweight and minimise your chances of diabeties/cancer etc etc. It's life changing and I want to buy it for my family and friends.

Pamela , Charleville QLD


Great read. Cuts through all the misinformation that is out there. Easy to follow, practical, no nonsense advice guide on how to improve health for your family and self. Great advice without costly ingredient swapping. Definitely recommend reading / gifting and sharing as I have. 5 stars

Darren339, Guildford NSW


This book is all about changing our diets by replacing all the processed food in our daily lives for real food, and by doing so, achieving the holy grail of consistent weight loss, keeping the weight off, and overall feeling better from day to day by avoiding the lifestyle diseases of our society. It advises the reader to avoid fad and yo-yo diets, how to decipher all the labels and lists of ingredients in our packaged goods at the supermarket and also comes with a number of simple recipes to replace processed foods and meals.

Overall, Eat Real Food is an excellent and worthwhile read to inform us how to better manage our weight, diet and most importantly our health.

Rachel1079, Avondale Heights VIC


Eat real food was an eye opener for me in many ways.
It cut through a lot of the diet myths about foods I have grown to love.
Eat real Food is a book that you may feel you need to take notes and
remind yourself that you can’t believe all the media hype or fad diets.
I also feel that it's a book I would keep and use as a guide when wanting the real story on types of fat and grains which should be consumed.
I felt the recipes section was a bonus and although I have not used them yet the inexpensive and the fact they have standard ingredients that I can adapt in to our everyday home life makes them more appealing to me.

Julie, Oatlands NSW


The book is an easy read, very informative. I like the list of good/bad foods and the recipes

Catherine2, Margate QLD


I found this an interesting book to read. While I found the science somewhat confusing and heavy to plough through, I did understand the points being made. The light-hearted style of writing helped make the book more readable.

Part 1 outlined the Why and got bogged down in places with science and specifics, I felt. I agreed with the points being made and understood the gist of it but would have been happy to miss a lot of the scientific studies. Having said that, I am sure many people will relish reading the studies which prove the point. It is a personal preference.

Part 2 which explained the How, I found to be much more interesting. I particularly liked the shopping lists and the recipes. I also liked the fact that David dealt with some of the practicalities of eating out and eating in this style with a family. Too often a particular way of eating is impractical for families with young children.

I found the book interesting and will be making some changes to what is stocked in my pantry in the future.

Robyn, Tea Gardens NSW


I enjoyed reading this book, as yet I have not tried the recipes but it's just common sense the way the author has explained the results of eating processed food. Really looking forward to throwing out or using what is "healthy" in my pantry

Catherine806, Mudgeeraba QLD


This book showed me an easy way to cut out the bad and introduce the good. it is an easy and simple book to follow and doesn't mess around, the explanations of different foods, what they contain and what they do were easy to understand and helped me to understand food in a better way. the recipes are great and easy to follow and taste even better! This book as showed me its not hard to eat healthy, as well as being very tasty. I now have a better understanding of food i should and shouldn't eat and now know a bit more about what im putting into my body, as well as my families.

Great Book.

annie789, Leichhardt NSW


Eat Real Food was a great read. Helpful, informative and clearly worded in a down to earth family oriented matter.

Rather than overloading you with jargon, David portrays his own tried and tested research in a clear manner and discusses how his own family have improved their eating and lifestyle habits through this practice.

I loved the personable tone and the desire to build a healthier world he conveyed.

annie789, Leichhardt NSW


A great read with a lot of valuable information and education. The best part was the practical advice on what to eat, what not to eat and what was in the middle in terms of health.
The book does take a little while to reel you in but it is worth reading to the end for the valuable cooking and eating tips it provides. I learnt a lot from reading David's advice. I also enjoyed that it was researched but also personally experienced with his own family.