17 x ColourB4 Hair Colour Removal Products

About The Product

ColourB4 is the original and best hair colour removal product. As anyone who’s suffered a home hair dye disaster will know, changing your hair colour isn’t always as straightforward and easy as glossy mags or TV would have you believe. And while hair dye has been in use since ancient Egyptian times, until recently, no products were available to effectively remove hair colour.

Now, ColourB4 makes salon-style hair dye removal available to everyone. With a single application of the advanced formula, you can rinse away unwanted dye, and go back to your old colour before dyeing again for a brand new look. It’s that easy! Although the formula is safe and gentle - with no nasty chemicals like ammonia or bleach – it easily tackles permanent and semi-permanent hair colour. It also effortlessly removes colour build-up and darkened tones.

ColourB4 RRP is $29.95 and available at selected Coles stores nationwide.

Product Reviews

Melissa, Catalina NSW


Having dyed my hair at home quite a bit and the colours always ending up darker on the ends due to colour buildup, it was fantastic to be able to trial Colour B4. It removed all the colour build up and left my hair back at it's original shade. Perfect for being able to choose another colour. It's an added bonus that it is free from any horrible chemicals that would leave your hair weak and brittle. I loved the product and will use it again.

Lisa1163, Alfred Cove WA


I had a really bad colour done to my hair at the hairdressers and I was in a bad shape. I then used the ColourB4 which helped considerably. My natural hair colour started to come through. I recommend this product.

Tamara226, Araluen NT


After a disastrous attempt at trying to lighten my dark hair this product turned up in time to save me expensive salon treatment. Easy to use, as long as the instructions are followed, and great results.

Karen589, Toolenvale VIC


Absolutely the best product I've ever tried couldn't up load photos but I've gone from dark brown to a honey brown u have to try this stuff if you want to be the colour you want and not the hairdressers colour 10 points to the company

Tamara397, Albion Park NSW


At first I was a little hesitant to try this product as I was unsure of what state it would leave my hair in...but it seemed to work ok. I am a natural sandy brown/blonde hair colour and have been dying my hair purple, black or dark brown for years now. I didn't end up with my natural hair colour but I kind of wasn't expecting to. The last colour I had used in my hair was a dark brown. It removed most of the 'darkness' from my hair and I was left with a light caramel brown. I found this product easy to use - just like using any other in home hair dye. The best thing was I was able to put a purple dye in my hair and it turned out brighter than what it would have if I didn't use the hair colour remover.

Irene33, Hervey Bay QLD


Really happy with this product. After regularly dying my hair it was great to bring it back to basics before my next dye job. I now have an even colour which i havent had for a very long time! I will be using this in the future for sure!

Joanne543, Bunbury WA


Awesome product!! I noticed a difference even with my hair wet after using it...definitely will help remove colour from your hair.

Hiannie, New Beith QLD


My hair is a naturally light brown but I've been dying it darker for years. This product effectively removed the dark tones from my hair leaving it a golden brown colour. I was thoroughly surprised at how good my hair felt afterwards. I am happy with the results however the only bad thing is the smell. I would definitely recommend this product if you are wanting to remove excessive hair dye build up.

Hannah648, Gladesville NSW


I was so keen to try this and as soon as it arrived I got straight to work. I had a lot of colour build up in my hair from various brown dyes and wanted a 'clean slate' before re-dying. I was really happy with the results. My hair returned much to its original colour.

Celia31, Footscray VIC


I must say I haven't used a product like this before. The trail came with perfect timing as I had recently attempted to go dark brown. This product was easy to use and gave great results. I am totally going to recommend this to my circle of friends.

Peter, South Plympton SA


I had been dying my hair black (from a light brown/mousy blonde, using mostly box dyes) for around 5 years when I used ColourB4, although my last dye was 6 months ago. The dye has faded a bit, but the difference between the shade of the regrowth and the lengths of my hair is still really noticeable. My hair likely has a lot of build up, and I didn't expect that this product would remove the colour completely. It did lighten my hair slightly (which is noticeable under sunlight, in other conditions not so much). It looks dark brown rather than like my natural hair colour however. You can use it up to three times, and I imagine my hair would lighten more after each time. I'll likely just continue to let it grow out.

The smell was unpleasant, but thankfully it didn't linger. My hair was in surprisingly good condition afterwards. It took a while to apply - I had my boyfriend help me to ensure all of my hair was covered in the product. One box was more than enough for my longish (past the shoulders but no where near my butt), rather thick hair. You need to be thorough during the rinsing process and this is also time consuming.

Hopefully other reviewers can comment on how it works for hair dyed only once, different shades etc.