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About The Product

The Solo Chef is a brilliantly crafted guide that acknowledges the difficulty of trying to decipher the plethora of recipes in the market place targeted at families.

The authors, sisters Catherine Baker and Diana Ferguson, understand that simply dividing a recipe by four doesn’t work.

“Cooking for one is difficult and can be really uninspiring,” Ms Baker said.

“When you wade through a recipe designed for a family and distil it down to one, more often than not it doesn’t turn out as you would hope. It can be demoralising and is a turn off those living alone .”

The Solo Chef takes all the guesswork out of cooking for one and will have the aspiring home cook wheeling their shopping trolley right past the dreary tins of ‘soup for one’ and into the fresh food section.

The Solo Chef authors tackle the typical roadblocks solo chefs face and  identify the four main challenges that exist when cooking for one:

-           I Can’t Be Bothered Syndrome (lack of motivation)

-           Slimy Crisper Drawer Condition (waste)

-           Repetitive Meal Malaise (boring leftovers)

-           Chronic One Extra Spoonful Won’t Hurt (portion control)

The Solo Chef comes to the rescue with practical advice on foods that freeze well and foods that don’t, imaginative ideas for leftovers and provides a weekly menu and shopping list so that one trip to the supermarket will make seven delicious meals.

This is the is the perfect go-to guide for anyone living alone who likes to eat well!



Product Reviews

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


Amazing amazing book! Easy to multiply if we need to make extra portions too.

dandka, Sandringham VIC


I'm so impressed with this book - not just a recipe book but a beautifully thought-out and presented guide covering all the dilemmas of cooking, shopping, storing food and getting motivated when it's all just for yourself. I found as an experienced cook and part of a family of two, there were still lots of ideas (cooking and organisational) to inspire me.
There are suggested weekly menus and accompanying shopping lists and most of the recipes (which are divided into Quick and Light Meals, Substantial Meals, Making and Using Leftovers, Easy Meats and Side Dishes, and Desserts) give extra optional ingredients, serving suggestions and preparation time.
I think making a decision to spend about six months with this book would be a guaranteed way of not only becoming a clever and motivated food shopper and the producer of delicious, healthy meals but at the same time doing good things for the food budget and the elimination of food waste.
I highly recommend The Solo Chef as a great kitchen companion for anyone cooking for one or even two.

ampri3, Mernda VIC


The Solo Chef is an informative, well presented cook book. Cooking for one can be difficult however, this book makes it simple and addresses all of the problems that are encountered for solo cooking including, motivation, shopping, leftovers and portion control. The recipes would be easy to adapt for two people or a whole family. There are weekly menus for those that are dedicated or quick, easy light meals for those that are looking for something quick that is not just Vegemite toast with a cup of tea! Dessert for one is also a great addition.

I would recommend this book for all. It would be a great gift for those that have moved out of home for the first time, or those that lead a busy lifestyle that can never find the time to actually sit down and have a meal at home.

I am very thankful to be able to review this book and would be happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding this book.

My only criticism would be to ensure that there are pictures for each recipe. I know that I am less likely to try and cook something if I don't know what the outcome is supposed to look like, even if it is just a soup.

Thanks again and congratulation to the author for producing such an inspiring yet simple book.

Joanne7581, Killara NSW


This book is brilliant!! Love the ideas on meal suggestions for a week, and what to buy. The recipes are not complicated and quick to prepare - this fact alone certainly stops the "I can't be bothered syndrome". Excellent portion control so that it could easily be used for 2 or 3 (or more people too). How many books are there for families with only 3 people in it? Recipes for 4 do not work so well if you divide the ingredients by the number of people, so you end up cooking more then you should eat Also loved the suggestions for easily adapting the recipe. Great for someone moving out on their own for the first time, or for someone who has always cooked for a family or couple and is now on their own. I am going to enjoy working my way from first to last recipes over the next few weeks/months and am sure many will become favourites