16 x 'Secrets in Salami Making' Cookbooks

About The Product

Secrets in Salami is a ‘how-to’ guide developed with the intent of introducing a specific heritage craft into homes everywhere. Secrets in Salami will give the reader a fully illustrated, step-by-step account in this particular process, filling them with the confidence and necessary skills and knowledge to successfully make their own fresh produce. Secrets in Salami pinpoint the important factors that are imperative to producing handmade, preservative free salami.

Secrets in Salami is an introduction to the methods and ingredients that have often been guarded to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the finished product. Many of the methods and techniques involved in the process have been mastered and passed down through families for several generations. This book is a hands-on journey full of tradition, flavour, succulence and memories.

This instructional book pays homage to the wonderful traditions that immigrants from all backgrounds brought with them to a new land, they encompassed their new lives without abandoning their origins and traditions. A quality we feel should be shared with today’s home and artisan producers everywhere.


Product Reviews

Kimberly80, Winmalee NSW


The cover of this book is very appealing and shows an array of delicious looking salamis.
I loved the way the book was set out and the fact that there was a nice balance between the authors memories and the "how to" aspect of the book. It made for a personalised, real life read along with the instructions.
The images in the book are vivid and full of colour and really brings the whole concept of salami making to life. It made it easier to relate to the book and made you feel like you were right there making the salami along with the author.
This book has inspired me to go out and make my own salami due to the journey that is shown in the book. As somone who has never attempted or even contemplated making salami before this book has given me the confidence and knowledge to go out and try something new and give it a go. I would definately recommend this book to others, it is interesting, insightful and beautifully done.

Norbert, Mount Evelyn VIC


This is a great helpful Book. I love to make My own "Home Made Produce" and Sara's advice about the right equipment, her recipes and Hints are very helpful. Thanks Sara for telling me your "Secrets'. Can highly recommend!

John, Glen Iris VIC


I liked the format of this book, the cover and photographs throughout were bright and informative. I have several Italian friends who are great cooks and l think with some assistance from them l would like to try some of the recipes. I especially liked the memory inserts in the book as it seemed this book came from the heart.

Dale, Warrimoo NSW


Like all wonderful Italian families, you are welcomed into this family, this adventure and this love of salami making, through Sara Grazia's book "Secrets in Salami". From the front cover, the traditional red and white checkered tablecloth lures you within to discover how simple and achievable it is to make salami at home just as it's been done for generations. The handwritten recollections scattered throughout the book create a great story and a link to the methods used and why they work. The close up images are clear and informative, the text is simple to understand and informative and the recipes are provided in sensible amounts so the home cook won't feel overwhelmed. The book is colourful, entertaining and a great size, but overall, fills the reader with confidence to attempt salami making using the many tips, well used techniques and secrets and leaves you encouraged to add your spin on your own homemade salami. An inspirational, influential and visually interesting book that assists the reader to explore the foundations of an exciting tradition.

djchilds, Aberfoyle Park SA


I like the size of the book - it's big enough to make it easier to read and carry around but not so big that it gets in the way. The pages are a nice thickness and the contents are easily set out. The photographs are well done and there are enough photos to text to keep the book interesting. The cover photo is great, and shows different varieties of salami, making the book look interesting.I enjoyed reading the salami recipes towards the back, and feel that they were clearly set out with easy to follow directions. I found the My Family Traditions section interesting, because it gives the reader a chance to get to know the book's Author.I found the bold headings great because it makes the steps clearer and easy to follow. Overall, I would say Secrets In Salami was a good instructional book, interesting and easy to read. Thanks!

Hellen11, Berrimal VIC


i personally thought the cover was a little dark, you do get a feel for the author and where she comes from, the recipes are great but it would have been nice to have the ingredients for smaller batches not everyone would be making 10kgs at a time espeically if its your first attempt,
it would have be great if there was a list of stockiest, so you could buy the skins you need
over all its makes for an interesting read and i am going to attempt making a smaller batch of one of the salamis