16 x CHILL FACTOR Slushy Maker and Ice Cream Maker Sets

About The Product

What’s quick, fun and cool? The Slushy Maker from CHILL FACTOR™!   CHILL FACTOR™ Slushy Maker makes instant slushies out of any chilled drinks you have at home – juices, soft drinks or mix it up to make your own concoctions.  Just add your favourite chilled drink to the frozen CHILL FACTOR™ Slushy Maker cup and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! In less than a minute, you can make a delicious frozen slushy treat! 

CHILL FACTOR Ice Cream Maker makes great tasting soft serve ice cream in an instant!  Simply add your favourite ingredients to the frozen CHILL FACTOR Ice Cream Maker, stir and squeeze! In less than a minute, you will have ice cream, sorbet or even frozen yoghurt. It's that easy!

CHILL FACTOR™ Slushy Maker and Ice Cream Maker.  Freeze it, squeeze it, and enjoy!


Product Reviews

Pam220, Parkdale VIC


The Slushy Maker and ice cream maker by Chill factor is a fun addition to the kitchen. It's great to use your own ingredients to make a treat where you can control the ingredients, and the flavour can be different every time! We found so long as the inner lining is well frozen and you don't overfill the pack you will have great frozen treats in just a few minutes of squeezing. Absolutely fascinating to kids of all ages. Keep it in the fridge for unexpected guests.
We loved crunching up choc finger biscuits for the most wonderful cookies and cream ice cream. We found that a squeeze from the bottled lemon juice worked really well in creating lemon sorbet. The soft drinks all seem to work well with sparkling cranberry juice a standout.
I would advise that adults wash out the product to ensure that milk does not get stuck inside and cause issues.
A huge success, and having a set of four would be great as I found the adults and children all love the cool treat on hot days!

Michele, Warrnambool VIC


I received these before Christmas and what a pleasure it was to take with me on Christmas Day. These were a hit with both the little and not so little kids. They were easy to use and the end result was yummy.the kids had so much fun squeezing them and creating slushies and ice cream. Easy to use,yummy to eat and very little mess to clean . They were a winner in my house but certainly need more than 1 of each as they were so popular .

Chaylee, Lavington NSW


I was one of the lucky people selected to trail both of these products and I have to say my kids were super excited to try them out and they weren't disappointed. both products work the same way all you have to do is pop them in the freezer for an hour or so to freeze and simply put your fav drink in, we have tried (in the slushy maker) a few different drinks like juice, zippy fruit drinks and coke and they all turn out great, The slushy maker leaves them with a smooth silky like texture. And the ice cream maker is the same. both of these products are great and best of all they are safe and easy for the kids to use, and I would definatly recommend anyone try these even if they don't have kids. Thank you for letting me trial these products, they were a big hit in our house.

lol cherry, Emerald QLD


These Products are just fantastic!! My 2 yr year old just loves the slushie maker he gets in the fridge finds what drink he wants gets you to pour it and squeezes away if a 2 year old can use it any one can. The ice cream yummo and so easy these are truly great products i will be giving a few little munchkins some great birthday presents!

squeekums, Ardrossan SA


Love these
The ice cream maker is awesome for a fast dessert for my 4 year old and she can do it herself
It comes out tasting like real soft serve
Slushie makes is amazing, makinf this current adelaide heat wave so much easier to deal with

the flavour option for both are awesome its endless

Melissa293, Lake Haven NSW


these products are great especially for kids at that age where buying gifts are a difficult task. while at first I was concerned with the strength needed to produce slushies and ice cream by simply squeezing for a number of minutes I was pleasantly surprised more so with the slushy maker than ice cream maker in how easy it was to produce the desired result. all in all I would highly recommend this product as it is affordable, easy to use and lots of fun. I would however say that the ice cream maker may need some extra strength from an adult or older sibling depending on the child's age and abilities.