16 x 28 Black Drink Packs

About The Product

28 Black is a premium and less synthetic energy drink. The key difference between 28 Black and other energy drinks on the market are the more natural ingredients, making it a ‘better for you’ energy alternative.

The appealing benefits of 28 Black energy drinks include:

• Taurine free
• Natural caffeine
• No preservatives
• No artificial colours
• Gluten free
• Vegan friendly

28 Black energy drinks are available for an RRP of $4.00 at selected retailers in four flavours: Classic, Açai, Açai Sugarfree and Sour Apple.

Product Reviews

vicky, Canningvale WA


These bring a nice change to the usual flavours available. And healthier for you! My favourite was the Sour Apple which was really refreshing served with ice on a warm day!

Michelle1083, Highland Park QLD


I tried the Classic first, its taste reminded me of Red Bull but not as sugary so to me was better. The Acai was next and became my favourite flavour, fruity and refreshing. Next up was the Acai Sugarfree, definitely not my cup of tea I am not into the fake sugar tastes so probably reason I didnt like. Last one was Sour Apple which was so refreshing I finished it too quickly and wanted more.

These drinks were definitely more refreshing and flavoursome than others out there and I will definitely be looking for them when shopping.

Tony584, Frenchs Forest NSW


I've tried all four of the samples and find them all really refreshing. I would have liked the "Sour Apple" to be a little more sour but it was enjoyable as it was. All four were great to drink after a strenuous days work.
I would recommend all of them to anyone wanting a refreshing, invigorating drink.

Sarah3700, Lake Wendouree VIC


-The metallic gold on the various matte colours is nice and discreet- far more mature looking than the usual energy drinks. Certainly an energy drink for grown ups.
-250 ml is ideal for a quick fix. Any larger and you are consuming too much caffeine. -Not excessively fizzy. Pleasing light gold colour in glass- doesn't look like an energy drink. -Flavoursome with no bad aftertaste that many energy drinks tend to have. -The lack of preservatives makes it safer for a lot of people and the removal of the taurine seems sensible if it genuinely has no positive effect.
-Was very tired due to poor sleep, but my brain perked up quite nicely.
-Favourite flavour was the Sour Apple- very nice pick me up.

Alan338, Frankston Heights VIC


I found the flavor of the drink quite unusual and very different from other energy drinks, especially the Acai sugarfree. the Sour Apple was the best tasting of the four cans I was supplied with.

Danielle , Bucasia QLD


I loved the taste of the 28 Black drinks and the energy it gave me however I found the ones that contained sugar we're too high in sugar for my liking. The sugar free one I would most likely purchase again in the future.