15 x TÄNDA Modern Wood Wick Candles

About The Product

Australian scent house, TÄNDA Modern, celebrates the urban traveller within by releasing its limited edition Cities Collection.

The limited edition range of 100 per cent soy and cedar wood wick candles is available in 5 scented profiles reminiscent of Melbourne, Cannes, Amman, Osaka and San Francisco.

Inspired by the cultural influences of TÄNDA Modern’s founder, Alyson Sturley, the Cities Collection is made using high quality, vegan and eco-friendly natural soy wax and housed in locally sourced recycled glass vessels.

“The Cities Collection is unique to TÄNDA Modern as each scent profile has been developed to capture the core essence of my favourite cities around Australia and the world,” Alyson said.

Each Cities aroma is layered with a multi-faceted changing fragrance and is designed to arouse a gentle feeling of wanderlust. The hard part will be deciding what city to explore first!

The Cities Collection is available in small, medium, large and triple wick sizes and is available nationally via the TÄNDA Modern online store.

Product Reviews

Sandra1120, Barrack Heights NSW


Fragrance is amazing,easier to light a wooden wick than the fibrous wick and candle burns evenly...love it

Kayleen28, Kelmscott WA


The candle arrived yesterday...it is beautifully presented in a glass canister. I burnt it for about 4 hours as suggested to allow the soft fragrant wax to melt evenly out to the edges...it stops " tunnelling" where the candle burns in the middle only. The candle I received was the " AMMAN" one from the cities collection. It promised " aAMMAN is a deeper, more sultry fragrance, with notes of nutmeg, amber, bergamot, and cardamom". It is the creators favourite scent...I can see why... It filled my home with this exquisite warm florally spice mix that even my husband liked. The candle got bumped by my kitty cat..and some of the wax spilt on me and her...the wax was warm,soft and didn't burn obviously as it is soy it has a very low melting point... No burns...so I would also say it is " sort of" kid safe... I would never advocate leaving a candle and kids unattended ...but if an accident happens it will not be a trip to the hospital to remove searing hot wax. On another plus the candles scent is quite nice when it's not being burnt... The lounge room smells nice with it just sitting there on top of the table. As I got this as part of s promotion I am Unsure if I got the small medium or large size...but either way I think it is good value for the money you would pay

kyzza01, Camira QLD


Have been enjoying the scent of Cannes! It smells devine, looks great in the lounge room, would definitely seek Tanda candles out. The only thing I'm finding is the wick doesn't light as quick as my other wood wick candles. Looking forward to buying and smelling new cities!

Lisa1761, Karalee QLD


The Tanda Candle came well packaged. Instructions within the box. Very nice looking glass candle with a thick wood wick. Instructions say to let it burn until the wax melts evenly to prevent the wax from tunnelling. The instructions say to let it burn for up to 4hrs the first time to melt the wax evenly, we didn't need that long but probably left it for 3hrs the first time. The fragrance was soft and not too overpowering. Looks like a very well made candle. I would buy more.

Calum12, Fitzroy VIC


Smells great, the scent spreads for the whole lounge room

Steph94, Thornbury VIC


I really liked this candle.

The smell is great, although I wish there was a description of the scent, all I could find was the name San Francisco.

i like the idea of the wood wick but I didn't love having to pinch the wick off before burning the second time. the ash is very dark and can stain clothes easily.

all in all it's a beautiful candle with a good burning life

Lyndall47, Greystanes NSW


The candle arrived in a timely manner. Packaging was good and looked expensive. Candle has a nice smell but could have a bit stronger smell. On the not so good side after the first lighting was hard to light the second time even though I followed the instructions correctly and am use to lighting candles. Third time the candle will not light at all.