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About The Product

Fiction writer Alan Kiernan has released his highly anticipated novel, Fallout, the sequel to his ground-breaking first novel Section Alpha, a contemporary thriller set in Australia in the midst of the global war on terror.

Inspired by his accounts with members of organisations like the Australian Federal Police, and based on a platform of facts, Fallout is a hugely relevant thriller about the imminent risks of domestic terrorism, and what the Australian government is doing behind the scenes to stop the threat of a terrorist attack.

In Fallout, a terrorist’s mobile phone is retrieved from a fiery car crash. The contents lead the highly covert Section Alpha team, secretly assembled by the PM to uncover terror threats in Australia, on a journey across continents. One twist leads to another and evidence suggests that an attack will be more devastating than first thought. Up against the terrorists, and an attempt by ASIO to obstruct them after their covert existence is discovered, Section Alpha are thrust on a roller-coaster ride of action and deceit.

Fallout is available via www.sectionalpha.com as well as bookstores nationally. It’s also available as an ebook from Amazon and iTunes.


Product Reviews

Falon, Mountain Creek QLD


I've just started reading these books and I'm enthralled. I can't wait to read the rest!

Kylie644, Bundaberg QLD


Fallout and Section Alpha were amazing reads that brought a contemporary revolution of compelling influential intelligence and insightful thrilling suspense to the literary world. Set in Australia in the midst of global war on terror this magnificent masterpiece is packed full of gripping explorations and captivating intrigue, a truly brilliant read and a must have for any book collection.

Danica12, Frankston North VIC


Section Alpha and Fallout,written by Alan Kiernan is a fast paced action adventure that keeps you reading from start to finish.
The plot is thoughtfully written and the characters are a joy to read, well balanced and believable personalities.
A true testament to the talent of Australian writers.
Definitely a great read for anyone who loves action stories, or anyone who just wants to read a great novel!

Ana12, Brighton Le Sands NSW


Alan Kiernan is amazing, I'd never heard of his books before, but a forgotten tea later...and I am a true fan. He sets your heart racing in this epic thriller that faces real issues of today. I simply could not put this book down !!!

Kirsten165, Point Cook VIC


A great read keeps you wanting to read more definitely would recommend them to a friend or family.

joyce156406, Caravonica QLD


great read a real page turner kept me reading into the wee hours, scary to think this could be reality and does happen.Had me stopping and thinking because of the number of characters but wasn't difficult to keep track loved Section Alpha and Fallout , I am looking forward to the next book Bomb Proof

Antonietta10, Roxburgh Park VIC


Sometimes quite confronting, but gave me a realistic picture of what our men and women have gone through after 9/11. Love all the different accounts of individuals and how they relate to other characters, interesting reads.