15 x Summer Table Cookbooks

About The Product

Summer TABLE is a world first cookbook, answering the age old question, ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ With over 100 recipes for fast, delicious and healthy meals, it is sure to make your meal times a breeze.

Summer TABLE is unique in that not only does it solve the dinner dilemma but the shopping dilemma too! Every recipe has a QR code - a quick scan of a recipe in the cookbook will produce a shopping list on your smartphone, with all the items you need sorted into the supermarket sections. If you are really organised, you can decide on your menu plan for the week and scan a number of recipes to create a comprehensive shopping list of all the items you need. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Designed and written by an experienced Australian home cook and mother of two, these simple tasty recipes will be enjoyed by everyone.

Summer TABLE will inspire you to put variety and zest back on your dinner table.

Product Reviews

Karyn23, Encounter Bay SA


Every page I turned lead me to another mouth watering picture and a family friendly, nutritious and delicious recipe.
Jodie Blight has written a beautiful book that uses the ingredients in my pantry and that my whole family will enjoy
The perfect addition to my cookbook collection Summer Table is a great 'go to' book that has summer cooking wrapped up!

Ann509, Davoren Park SA


Thank you Lifestylefood for a timely Christmas gift. I enjoyed reading it and definitely put it to good use to plan my Christmas and New Year's meal. My family enjoyed the recipes I cooked from this book.
This recipe book is so easy to use, the ingredients used are easy to find and the instructions a very clearly written and easy to follow even my 12 year old could easily cook from this book. The tips and tricks were very helpful and so were the conversion charts which came in very handy. Thank you Jodie Blight thank you Summer Table and thank you

Melissa, Wyndham Vale VIC


I am not a cook by any means, I actually don't like cooking very much! However this cookbook is amazing! The recipes are so simple, with normal food that you have in your pantry, not exotic stuff. Even though the recipes are simple the food is divine! My favourite so far is the five spice chicken. It tastes divine and is so easy! Highly recommended for novice cooks

Shazza123, Upper Caboolture QLD


Summer Table has managed to put the zest back into my kitchen (which has been lacking for some time now). I don't have a smartphone so could not take advantage of the QR code, but have organised myself well, and have managed to make lots of the simple recipes. My husband, who loves his food, thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. What I like about the recipes is that they are easy to follow right from the very basic ones up to the more involved ones. If I can follow it, then anyone can follow it! It is an all round great cookbook.

Christina97, Penshurst NSW


What a wonderful book!! The perfect addition to your Summer collection for those days where you want something healthy as well as quick and easy. Perfect recipes, loving the chicken recipes

merinap, Netherby SA


I found the size of this book very appealing. I particularly enjoyed reading the tips and tricks in the introduction pages. The recipes are easy to follow, not complicated and do not use too many ingredients. I look forward to trying more summer table recipes with my family and friends over the summer holidays. I would not to hesitate to purchase this book as a gift for a food lover.

Dianne162, Bannockburn VIC


Well illustrated and easy to follow recipes, great addition to any kitchen

Kate1335, Sunbury VIC


What a fantastic book!!! I love the recipes, they are all so simple to follow and just taste wonderful. It couldn't be easier. This cookbook may be called Summer Table but I will definitely be referring to it all year round. It is a must for any home cook who wants delicious, easy to follow meal ideas at their fingertips. Love It!!!!!

John574, Moe VIC


I found Summer Table to be a thoroughly enjoyable recipe read.

Easy to follow directions with handy tips and tricks to save you time and, more importantly in these hard economic times, a bit of hip pocket relief.

Nutritious and healthy meals, that even a novice in the kitchen would feel quite confident in tackling.

My only real hiccup was in my first attempt at the dough making for the excellent pizza recipe, which I must admit was due to my inordinate haste to get the product finished and eaten. (not enough kneading and to thick) A subsequent attempt turned out to be near what I would class as perfect pizza dough.

In all I have tried at least a dozen recipes and have been quite pleased with the outcome, although deserts aren't really my thing, I think I will give the Crepes a go next.

Nicky96, Collaroy Plateau NSW


great book! beautifully presented great recipes and images perfect gift for someone full of simple tasty summer recipes!!