15 x Sex for Groceries - A Book of Trades, Money & Happiness by Elizabeth Horsley

About The Product

Elizabeth Horsley, a professional investment banker with over 12 years’ experience in the finance
industry can relate and is sharing the life-changing approach to achieving financial and emotional
happiness with the launch of Sex for Groceries – A Book of Trades, Money and Happiness.

Written with women in mind, Elizabeth combines principles of finance, philosophy, and honesty into
an action-based formula for happiness. Using the principles of trades, Elizabeth details the meaning
of making healthy trades and investments in ones life, career, family and emotions to create an
outcome, which exudes one being content with their journey.

In Sex for Groceries you will discover why:

• An important part of having a rich life is participating in events that make us feel fulfilled
• Your living list doesn’t need to be jammed chock full of big tickets items to be meaningful
• Having money certainly gives you more choices in life, but it’s not the only thing that matters



Product Reviews

LA, Moonee Ponds VIC


This book was a quick easy read I love it.
So inspiring thanks Elizabeth.

Tamara226, Araluen NT


I found this book inspiring and thought provoking about my own life. I now see challenges as opportunities and acknowledge the small things in my life for the blessings they are. This has impacted the way I think about my future both emotionally, physically and financially. Great tips and a great way of getting the message across, especially for women to strive in their own lives.

Tartankangaroo67, Millstream QLD


Reading this book reminded me of the joke about money not buying you happiness but it's better to cry in a Mercedes than a second hand Ford! Being a male I could relate to some things but not all. This is definitely written for women as it is about fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

As the breadwinner in the home, my wife, who works two jobs just to sustain our family it would be wonderful to be able to achieve some of the trades that Elizabeth writes about. However, life is not that simple with many outside influences taking chunks of your life.

Not a bad read but definitely one for the middle aged successful career woman!!

powergirl, Hillbank SA


This book confirmed what I knew all along but never realised. Happiness is found in many different ways, not materialistic or money, but true happiness from within.
I learnt to be grateful for what I am and what I have (not necessarily what I own).
I have been able to take time to seek achievable goals and am starting to cross them off my bucket list. Some are bigger than others (seeking a nurturing relationship with my mother is one) but I have purpose and am feeling as though progress has been made. I believe the renewed awareness will flow onto bigger and better things, including my sense of contentment and ultimately true happiness.
I recommend anyone who needs clarity with their thinking to grab this book, a cup of tea and prepare to have your eyes opened.

Marianda, Wallan VIC


This book was not at all what I expected. I regularly read books in regards to a better quality life, dealing with finances and so on, so this one's title definitely intrigued me. Especially being written by someone with her financial background, I expected a very focused book written like a business plan. Not so at all. Instead I got what felt like a good chat with a girlfriend over a cuppa. Which is not bad at all. It made me think outside the box about so much more than just the bottom line of my family's budget and how I might be influencing my kids way of thinking, by already talking about work, money and how the more "coins" you have the more you can do. Instead of focusing on all aspects of happiness.