15 x RosehipPLUS™ Australian Certified Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil sets

About The Product

RosehipPLUS™ Rosehip Oil is a 100% pure and natural Certified Organic skincare product, cold pressed from the seeds of the Rosehip (Rosa Canina) that helps to support healthy-looking skin for use on the face and body. Rich in naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

The benefits:

Reduces the appearance of stretchmarks & scars, maintains skin hydration & softness, improves appearance of dry & sensitive skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity & texture

Our roll on is a global first, with a hygienic massaging roller ball. This revolutionary design allows the user to target specific areas that require precision application of potent vitamins and antioxidants - such as  fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area, dry patches and even scarring. Can also be used on babies and children for dry skin and cradle cap.

Product Reviews

Vicki1973, Stanhope Gardens NSW


I was lucky enough to try the rosehip plus oils it was really easy to use i found that it did help reduce the appearance of my stretch marks around my hip area and i have a few scars from surgeries that are also slightly less noticeable i have really dry kness and elbows so i used this every morning and night and wow what a difference it has made. i also used it as part of my nightly skincare routine and have loved the difference it has made i noticed my fine lines are less noticeable and i also have noticed the change in my uneven skin tone i keep the rollerball in my handbag as it comes in handy if ever my skin is feeling dry i don't find it leaves a greasy residue either if you rub it in thoroughly this product has so many uses and it really works i would highly recommend this product

Sharee5, West Pennant Hills NSW


My RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil arrived in the mail beautifully packaged and presented with an orange and white theme making it look fresh and modern. I was interested to try the product as I have never used any rosehip oil products before. I wondered if the product would make a difference to the appearance of a fairly recent scar on my hand and my skin in general. I have been using it daily on the scar I had on my hand as well as applying it to my neck and face. It didn't take long before I could see a difference to my skin. I had initially only intended putting the oil on the scar itself but decided to put it all over my dry hands. I am so happy I did as it made such a noticeable difference to my hands. They look much younger and less dry than usual. The scar on my hand faded more quickly than similar scars I have had in the past that I didn't apply Rosehip Oil to. I was concerned that with it being an 'oil' that it may make my face 'break out' but that has not been my experience. I felt it made my face feel smooth and I think it looks healthier.

I thought I would like using the massage roller ball applicator best but actually found I liked using the dropper applicator more. The tip in the instructions of having a splash of water on your skin when you apply the oil was a good one, it made it easier to apply and spread the oil more easily. I use the RosehipPLUS oil daily but I can see the bottle and tube is going to be lasting me a long time, a little goes a long way. When I do finally run out I'll be 'running out' to buy some more! I really like this product.

Sarah313, Mooroopna VIC


Great product that actually works. I have suffered with acne for years now leaving many deep unwanted scars. After using this fir 4 weeks, scars have started to slowly disappear. Love it and will continue to use.

Graham29, Lalor Park NSW


I highly recommend using Rosehip PLUS Rosehip Oil after trying it out on some surgery scars. It helped reduce their appearance greatly, and also helped with dry skin. A great product!

wendymick, Brighton TAS


Was really happy to try it. Great product.After a week I could notice changes in my scars and under my eyes.The only negative would have to be the smell.When apply on the face it doesnt smell the best!

Kim1173, Beaudesert QLD


I Really liked this product and how well it absorbs into the skin. I would personally like it to smell a bit nicer, maybe by adding some rose scent.

summertime, Plympton Park SA


wonderful product ..great for face & neck..so moisturizing

Fiona799, Glenwood NSW


RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil was easy to use and smelt wonderful. I applied it to dry skin over a two week period and the area looks normal now. Great product and would definitely recommend

Lucy383, Clapham SA


I really like the rollerball applicator for the rosehip oil. It helps when you only want to apply a small amount directly to one area. The oil itself goes on very nicely without leaving you feeling greasy. My skin definitely felt smoother after using this product.

Sarah2294, Mooroopna VIC


So my mum tryed this for me. She came back with wonderful results. She said her skin was a lot smoother started to reduce fine lines. I'm my opinion she was looking fantastic. Refreshed would be a good way to put it.