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About The Product

Whether you're an on trend hipster or a stubble sporting corporate, step up to a new and improved world of beard maintenance with the Remington VacGroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer. Featuring innovative vacuum technology, this revolutionary trimmer will let you trim and shape, minus the post-shave clean up.
Already recognised internationally, with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award*, the Remington VacGroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer combines true form and functionality. Two advanced vacuum attachment heads – including a 32mm trimmer for maintaining length and thickness, and a smaller 16mm detail head for shaping and detailing – conveniently vacuum stubble as you groom, leaving the bathroom sink spotless.
For guys with a thicker, longer beard, the premium self-sharpening stainless steel blades and an adjustable beard comb, incorporating nine pre-set lengths (ranging 1-16mm) will make trimming even coarse, unruly hair a walk in the park.
Like a finely tuned car, the Remington VacGroom’s superior long lasting rechargeable lithium powered battery works to deliver maximum power and torque. Combined with high velocity fan blades and a power-drive dual gear system, this delivers optimal running performance for premium results and a mess-free groom like no other.
As the icing on the cake, a convenient storage pouch, 60 minute cordless runtime, and worldwide voltage makes this tool perfect for grooming on the go.
Launching this July, prepare for a convenient new world of beard maintenance with the Remington VacGroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer.

Product Reviews

Ben267, Cherrybrook NSW


At first look of this trimmer it looks and feels very big, bigger than i thought,

When i switched it one after the first charge it is loud. you can hear the vacuum.

This all said I really like how it works it trims very nice and to my amazement it got 99% of all hair in the vacuum. Their are a few that don't make it in but it definitely made cleaning up a lot easier.

I would recommend this to everyone i know.

Ruby5565, Ellenbrook WA


Hubby loves it because it leaves him looking good, I adore it as there wasn't a trace of his hairs in or around the bathroom sink!!! A great product. A great Christmas present for mums who clean up after hubby and sons alike!!!

Emily, Stawell VIC


I LOVE the fact that I no longer have to clean up the stubble left behind by my partner when he shaves! For this reason alone my rating is 10/10! But from my partners point of view, he says 9/10 for the product. It is easy to change the heads, and they allow him to make much cleaner lines. The only downside is that he has an extremely thick beard, and if he hasn't shaved over the weekend he has to empty it mid-shave. Honestly though, I think this tiny inconvenience pales in comparison because it has saved so many silly arguments over him cleaning up the sink when he is done!

Myrtle, Launceston TAS


Who says this is only a toy for the boys? When my Mum used to tell me that, I'd set out to try and prove her wrong! I had intended to gift this Remington VacGroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer for Father's Day but the temptation to try it for myself was overwhelming.

What a great tool - quietly, cleanly and quickly mowing its way through the feral forest of post-winter, neglected leg hair and underarms. Set on the shortest setting it was as good, if not better, than any Lady Shaver I've previously used. Are Remington missing a marketing opportunity - especially for use as a pre-epilatory tool?

Jennifer1067, Grovedale VIC


This is a great product that has reduced the amount of beard hair over my bathroom! My husband is loving being able to adjust the length for his facial hair!

katie&Jon, Evandale TAS


I give the Remington VacGroom trimmer 4 stars, It does everything it says on the box, its just a bit noisy. I tried the beard trimmer on various lengths, I have a short beard to start with, so started at 6mm, took it down to 2mm, it left an even feel to the hairs all over. The last thing to note are the instructions are a little vague. There are several pages to the safety instructions, a page and a half on warranty disclaimers and only a page and half on operating the device.

ger1, Culburra Beach NSW


works well , no mess , no fuss - overall a great product and will keep using

Antonia, Kiama NSW


Overall the Remington VacGroom performs well at it's task, the trimmer is comfortable to hold, the weight is good, the use of a lithium battery is useful, the trimmer is powerful enough, the world-wide power adaptor is very handy for travel and the 2 year warranty gives peace of mind.

sarahl, Brighton East VIC


Vacuum works well enough but it makes the unit fairly large. Trims decently but I don't use the height settings. Can't rinse it under the tap so cleaning is a bit annoying. Overall it is alright but i prefer ones I can use in the shower.

Rachel172, Bella Vista NSW


Excellent item - my partner was very impressed!! He loves the different attachments and the fact he can take it with him easily when he travels. Highly recommend