15 x priya bodycare shower milks & gels sets

About The Product

Priya Body Care is a new range of beautiful, mild and gentle shower milks and gels. Priya products are mindfully formulated, premium quality and Australian-made. All ingredients are specially sourced and the products are tested on Aussies – never on animals.

The Priya Body Care range includes:
• Real Macadamia Oil Cleansing Shower Gel.
For happy souls: With bright bursts of Kakadu plum, fresh fig and cassia bark.

• Real Olive Oil Cleansing Shower Gel.
For earthy souls: With botanical notes of garden cucumber, clary sage and lavender oils.

• Real Goat’s Milk Cleansing Shower Milk.
For gentle souls: Delicately blended with soft wisps of French vanilla and hazelnut.

• Real Coconut Milk Cleansing Shower Milk.
For summery souls: Deliciously layered with juicy hints of fresh cut lime.

There is also a range of Priya bar soaps available in the Goat’s Milk, Olive Oil and Sandalwood varieties.

Priya Shower Milks & Gels are available at Woolworths for $8.99 (RRP).

For more information, please visit: priya-body.myshopify.com/

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Product Reviews

Sophie326, Pyrmont NSW


1. Which was your favourite variant of body wash? Vanilla & Hazelnut - it smells amazing and left my skin feeling really smooth and nourished.
2. Please rank from 1-4 your most favourite to least favourite body wash: Vanilla & Hazelnut, Coconut Milk, Macadamia & Kakadu Plum, Olive Oil & Cucumber.
3. Did you like the packaging? Do you have any feedback on it? The packaging is really attractive, and looks like the product contains natural ingredients. The only issue is it's a bit difficult to tell the different scents apart, unless you recognise them through colour, and they may be tricky for older people or those with poor sight to tell the difference. Bigger font would be good.
4. Do you have any skin conditions? Yes, I occasionally have had eczema from using shower gels in the past, but it's very mild. Haven't had any issues using Priya. :)
5. How did your skin feel after using the body washes? Was one variant particularly good for your skin? The vanilla & hazelnut made my skin feel lovely, but the coconut milk one was probably the BEST for my skin. I just really liked the vanilla & hazelnut scent the most.
6. Would you buy one of these body washes for $8.99 in Woolworths? I would pay $8.99 for these body washes having used them and knowing they're good, but I might not pay $8.99 if I hadn't tried them before. I think it's fine to charge more of a premium for natural ingredient products.

Michele197, Greensborough VIC


Thank you for the chance to try this product, loved it to bits. My favourite had to be the Macadamia Oil Cleansing Shower Gel with the goats milk second. Third would have to be the coconut followed by the olive oil blend.
The packaging was plain and simple but to the point which meant i didn't have to spend hours reading the packaging.
I suffer from psoriasis really bad so i am always looking for a gentle product for my skin and found this product worked really well. All the different types agreed with my skin so thank you that I've got to try these. I am happy to pay 8.99 a bottle for this and will be looking for them at my local Woolworths.
This is a great natural product with gentle ingredients that didn't irritate the skin and left them feeling soft. I would recommend this product to all my friends.

Melissa, Southern River WA


my favorite body wash is the Real Goat’s Milk Cleansing Shower Milk

1-Real Goat’s Milk Cleansing Shower Milk.
2- Real Coconut Milk Cleansing Shower Milk.
3- Real Macadamia Oil Cleansing Shower Gel.
4- Real Olive Oil Cleansing Shower Gel.

neutral feeling about the packaging, packaging is simple and colours/pattern used are attractive

No skin condition so product was suitable for me

felt very luxurious and moisturized skin very well. The shower milk variant worked best for me

yes I would buy it at Woolworths for that price.