15 x Packs of Rev3 Energy Drinks

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About The Product

Win one of 15 packs of Revolutionary Energy Drink, Rev3 Energy courtesy of USANA Health Sciences

To celebrate the launch of Rev3 Energy Drink, USANA Health Sciences are offering you the chance to win one of 15 packs of this unique Cleaner, Smarter, Stronger energy drink.

In response to the evolving health conscious consumer demand, USANA Health Sciences has launched a unique energy drink, Rev3 EnergyTM in Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike other energy drinks that are commonly referred to as high in sugar, caffeine, salt and artificial flavours, Rev3 is specifically designed to unleash your energy with a proprietary blend of energy-support nutrients. It is low GI so vitality is sustained for the longer term without the dramatic drop. This unique blend incorporates the benefits of L-carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, vitamin B complex, Korean ginseng and magnesium, along with the stimulating effects of caffeine from the natural goodness of teas.

This innovative energy drink is:

• Low in sugar

• Doesn’t contain salt

• Contains natural energy-supporting nutrients

• Is low in calories, providing just 65 Calories per 250ml can

• Doesn’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

Product Reviews

ruthie babie 1, Bellbird Park QLD


WOW!! What a amazing taste. This product is new and refreshing. Can't wait to see what else you have instored for our consumers.

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


i loved the taste it was very drinkable unlike the other sickly sweet energy drinks on the market. i had a look on the can and its really low in sugar and has a lot of good things in there for you. it really picked me up i will be keeping my eye out for these. excellent for a boost in the evening after running around after 3 little kids.

Anne, Ashwood VIC


Rev3 Energy Drink is the perfect blend of flavours. It is carbonated which gives it an extra lift. So good after sport with just the right amount of sweetness.

Easy to drink, not too heavy as some energy drinks can be. It contains a wonderful blend of subtle fruity flavours.

The presentation of a small can makes it very easy to transport to sport matches.

annc, Kallangur QLD


Wow this drink shocked me it turned a bad day into a great day. In the past using other energy products I have experienced a heart pounding short term effect that has stopped me using these energy drinks, but this is quite amazing, with Rev3 its very different, it s a sustained motivating drive of energy that you get and it seems to last all day long, no nasty side effects. The drink taste great and being low in calories what more can a girl want.

Rach2, Rose Bay TAS


Best Taste in a energy drink yet.. Refreshing, Uplifting, and doesnt make you feel dehydrated. Cant wait to get more

Val, Seaview Downs SA


First off I loved being able to see the product information which was clearly stated on the side of the can. This is important in our household because one of our family members is gluten-intolerant. The taste wasn't bad either, almost sarsparilla and there seemed to be a definite 'lift' after drinking it. My husband and son were particularly pleased with it because they work out every day and found that the drink made them more focussed. They both drink green tea and liked the fact that this was one of the ingredients. They are also careful about additives and excessive calories. All-up, this was a great product to try, thanks!