15 x Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffuser & Essential Oil Packs

About The Product

Stylish, quality ultrasonic aroma diffusers / vaporisers plus a boutique collection of certified organic essential oil blends.
As the Lively Living ultrasonic diffuser disperses essential oils into the atmosphere, they are easily absorbed by your skin then into your cells and inhaled into the limbic system which is the center of emotions and memory. Here they start working their magic, subtly stimulating, relaxing, rejuvenating, uplifting and supporting the body, mind and spirit in a positive and nurturing way


Product Reviews

TessShannon, Salisbury QLD


I was so excited to receive this Ultrasonic Diffuser in the lovely fuschia colour. The product itself is beautifully shaped and designed in comparison to other diffusers I have seen. I am a massage therapist in training and this has been the perfect addition to my therapy room. The ambience is improved dramatically and I have had only positive feedback from my clients regarding the smell and air in the room. Using the diffuser is simple, just add water + 2-3 drops of oil and switch on. The diffuser has an automatic switch off system which is handy as I am extremely forgetful. This diffuser is a welcome addition and I would highly recommend this to anyone in the market for something to brighten up a room and create a lovely atmosphere in their home or work space.

Ann509, Davoren Park SA


Product presentation
The product has a very aesthetic appeal which sits elegantly in my living room. The subtle light that is emitted is very soothing.

Ease of Use
The Aroma Bloom is very simple and easy to use by everyone at home.

The Aroma Bloom is very safe to use as compared to a oil burner as there is no heat involved. Also it gives me the confidence to leave it unattended as stated in the website as there is an auto shut off when it runs out of water.

Well Being Aspects
The scent diffused is mild, yet powerful and spreads out over a wider area compared to the harsh and focused scents emitted from other types of air fresheners. This enables everyone to enjoy the refreshing fragrance. A well appreciated feature of the Aroma Bloom is that it does not generate excess heat to the room, this makes it ideal for use in summer.

We used in our open plan living/dining/kitchen. It was very effective.

Features wise, it is cool to touch making it safe to handle, the auto cut off feature gives assurance of it being safe to use, the glowing light is very soothing to the eyes and creates a soft ambience in our home.

The family is awed by its features and functionality. I am especially impressed in the way it diffuses the fragrance as I am sensitive to strong scents.

Personally, I think it is a fabulous product that does the job well and I have nothing negative to comment on it. I will certainly recommend this product to my friends and family. I am thankful that I have been selected to review the Aroma Bloom and I enjoyed this experience very much and I look forward to review any other products in your collection.

Carina10, Point Cook VIC


I loved it,I use it in the bedroom in the night with a bit of light on. I also use it in the day in the living room. The aroma is amazing and I like it is automatic and close when the water is finish. Nice to put on the mood light in the evening make it a very cozy atmosphere.

Vicki704, Rouse Hill NSW


A great product, I got the fushia coloured Aroma-Bloom (4 lovely colours available) ,
Very pretty and nice looking. Lightweight yet very sturdy and solid.
Came presented in the prettiest box, As did the essential oil.
The shape is gorgeous and when it glows at night its very relaxing.
Easy to use, Just fill to the marked line with cold water, Add a few drops of your essential oils. We tried Relaxation by Lively Living, It smells great, Not to strong.
Starts working from the moment you plug it in.
You have different settings for the Mist and the light which I found really handy.
Such a simple unit to set up and use, My 11 year old does it.
I placed this in my front lounge room and the whole house could smell it, We have a huge 2 storey house!
I would definitely buy this for my friends as a gift and will be recommending it highly to them.
I used to just look at them and think Umm but now I have tried the Aroma-Bloom I am sold.
Great Product, Safe to use, Easy large push button controls for the mist and colour, Stays cool.
Highly recommened product,
Thank you Lively Living and LifeStyle home for the chance to trial such a great product.

Acelya, Arundel QLD


First of all I would like to thank the lifestyle channel for giving me the opportunity to trial this product! The Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffuser is perfect! It is so perfect to use as a mood light or bedside table, the lights colour radiates a beautiful ambience and is truly soothing! Whenever i cook foods that are strong in smell, such as garlic, I always put on the diffuser with a couple of drops of the essential oil (the one provided to me was orange) and it clears the whole house of strong smells and fills the air with a beautiful sweet aroma! The most surprising part was how quickly it worked! The aroma fills the house within a matter of seconds! I truly love this product and will be sure to purchase more for the other rooms in my house!

Fleur50, Salisbury Heights SA


Beautifully packed, very easy to use and operate. Creates a gorgeous ambience in the home with an aromatherapy that relaxes. My home smells like a day spa! I love it!

Maddison113, Deebing Heights QLD


As part of this promotion I received the Fuscia Aroma-Bloom and the Relax Essential Oils Blend.

I was very excited to receive this product in the mail. It has a very modern design, and it is good to note that the colour is somewhat interchangeable when you turn the Mood light on. For instance I Was able to turn my bright Fuscia Aroma-Bloom to a nice soft pink with the light on. I would like to mention though that upon arrival the Essential Oil Blend had fallen out of its bubble-wrapped box and was floating around in the parcel. Although in saying this, the bottle was strong enough to not break through transit.

The Aroma-Bloom only has two buttons which makes it easy to use. As mentioned earlier, the lighting is adjustable and it also works independently from the Diffuser, meaning that if I didn't want the Diffuser on, I could use the lamp as a form of mood-lighting. The Diffuser button was slightly more difficult to use (I think my button got stuck at times). I had my Diffuser sitting on my bedside table and used it at night on the cycle that alternated between off and on. I will say I have had some of the best night's sleep in a while using the Relax blend.

One night whilst using the Aroma-Bloom we had a power-outage. During this outage the Aroma-Bloom turned itself off. It is good to note that it still worked the following night when I turned it back on - so I would recommend it on safety electrical wise. However, I would warn against putting it in reach of little arms or cats as the top is a simple pull off cover - there is nothing to lock it into place. So with the right bump someone just might be able to knock it over spilling water everywhere. Although at least they wouldn't burn their little hands as it is cool to the touch.

I would recommend this product to my friends and family, especially those who struggle with sleeping issues.

Lise4, Cooroy QLD


I was thrilled to receive the Living Lively Ultrasonic Diffuser to review. I love fragrance in my home and this product delivers beautifully. Well suited to a modern decor, the diffuser is easy to use and effective. I originally used it in the kitchen/dining area, but have now moved it to the bedroom, where I can better enjoy the ambient lighting. I have also tried other essential oils in the diffuser with success. The major benefit of this over other products I have used is that it shuts off when all the water is gone. Set and forget - and simply enjoy.