15 x Kiddies Food Kutter & Safety Food Peeler Sets

About The Product

Finally there is a SAFE Knife & Peeler that is easy for children 2 years onwards, people with a disability, and the elderly to handle, allowing them to peel foods and prepare and cut up their meal in a safe and fun way!

The Safety Food Peeler is the world’s first blade-less peeler, preparing fruits and vegetables effortlessly. The Kiddies Food Kutter uses a sawing action, cutting everything from a soft tomato to a tuff steak.

You’ll LOVE that these products have no sharp edges, but their intelligent design means they are effective, safe and easy for those who have difficulty using traditional knives and peelers. Both products are a must-have for the kitchen, dishwasher safe, BPA free, available in red, blue and yellow and best of all, the Safety Food Peeler is 100% Australian designed and made.

Key features at a glance: Safety Food Peeler Awarded 2014 Best Innovative Product, Brilliant Biz Mum Awards ?

  • No sharp blades
  • Suitable for both left and right handers
  • Australian designed and made

AUSBUY member approved

Kiddies Food Kutter Stainless steel, non-toxic blade

  • Interactive with parents and grandparents
  • Perfect for dinnertime, promoting independence and self-reliance ? Teaches hand eye co-coordination

These products are not available in shops!

Order online at www.kiddiesfoodkutter.com.au Or phone Jacklyn directly for Fundraising and Wholesale details on 0418 864353.

Product Reviews

djchilds, Aberfoyle Park SA


These Kiddie Food Kutter products are a fabulous idea! I love the bright colours in the design, as this is very appealing to youngsters. I'm always reluctant to give my little man a knife to cut with (I'm talking a dull butter knife) just because I still worry, but there were no worries with these products. My son was very excited to try out his new cutlery, and he was cutting up vegetables and fish fingers like a pro! You really can't hurt yourself with these knives. They are just great for kids. The peeler is easy to hold and works well peeling apples and carrots alike. Now my son actually wants to help me in the kitchen! He is eager to use these kiddie kutters because he knows they are safe and designed for kids. Great products!

Paul82, Fletcher NSW


Thank you dfor the opportunity to trial this product.
The kids thought they looked more like garden tools at first. But when they started using them, Mum was a little more at ease that they were using safety utensils.
They were able toi chop and cut and peel. Which not only gave them something to do, it created good quality time with mum in the kitchen, allowed them to contribute to making their meals and facilitated conversation about safety, food and cooking!

Greta IDEA!