15 x KAPAI PUKU(r) Packs

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About The Product

KAPAI PUKU(r) is an amazing blend of high fibre, raw ingredients and wholegrains including chia seeds, linseeds, quinoa and rice bran which can be eaten in a variety of different and tasty ways.

Consuming just one serve per day of KAPAI PUKU(r) will exfoliate and cleanse the intestinal tract, increase metabolic rate, and act as an appetite suppressant.

KAPAI PUKU(r) is one of the highest fibre energy sources on the market today, made up of 100% natural ingredients with no added salt, dairy, nuts or preservatives, KAPAI PUKU(r) products provide an easy and delicious solution for daily optimum health and regularity. All products in the range are also GM, gluten and wheat free and are suitable for vegans. It's simple, unprocessed food - medicine the way Mother Nature intended.

KAPAI PUKU(r) can be enjoyed in many different ways, here's just a few; Cereal - simply add milk, yogurt or fruit juice Porridge - Used like oats heat and serve with honey and soy milk Sprinkle - Add to salads and tempting savoury dishes such as rice or cous cous Baked - Include in muffins, crumbles, cookies and desserts Cooked - Used in stir fries, omelettes and many other quick and easy recipes


Product Reviews

sushi_1212, Kidman Park SA


I am already a great fan of Kapai Puka having discovered it early last year. I have been eating it most mornings with my yoghurt as it adds nice crunch and I have also made muffins using it.
I can honestly say that I have start to feel lighter and less bloated as it really does cleanse your insides and helps keep you regular.
I find the Kapai Puku bars are great for a mid afternoon snack - I can enjoy a great tasting snack which is also good for me!!
I am so pleased to be able to review this great product and certainly recommend it to everyone.

Anne, Ashwood VIC


This product was really delicious. The Naked Blend Seed of Life and the Fruit and Nut flavours were equally good as cereal. I loved the sesame flavour of the Naked Blend.

The Taki Bars have a lovely vanilla flavour and they are full of flavoursome fruit and nuts.

They are promoted as a meal replacement. I would not agree with this. The bars are certainly filling but I could not have replaced a meal with them. The same for the cereal blends. They were substantial but I could not substitute them for an entire meal.

I have felt good while using these products and would recommend them to anyone who likes to eat healthily.

asta, Rangewood QLD


I have been eating this every day as a supplement to my cereal and have really enjoyed it. I think that the seed/grain combination is a great idea as previous to trying this product I was purchasing a few of the ingredients separately but it is nice to know that a combination product such as this is available. Next up - looking forward to using it when baking - muffins!