15 x griffin + row Skincare Sets

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About The Product

Why griffin+row??

Inspired by nature, griffin + row have created a naturally effective daily skin care system with Centess + Complex™, a cocktail of the purest,natural plant extracts known for their antioxidant and regenerative properties-targeting the causes of skin ageing.

Centess+ complex TM contains: Centipeda cunninghamii ,a traditional Aboriginal medicinal plant extract with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties. Agonis fragrans, a newly discovered essential oil with hydrating and balancing properties. Vitis vinifera, a red wine grape seed with gentle emollient and stabilising properties and powerful antioxidant capacity. Santalum spicatum, W.A. sandalwood, an essential oil with antioxidant activity. Undaria pinnatifida – Wakame, a superior marine algae extract with anti-hyaluronidase, (hyalarondise degrades collagen) anti-elastase activity, (elastase degrades collagen), stimulates fibroblasts (fibroblasts are skin surface cells). Lentinus edodes , Shiitake Mushroom with anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and topically active polysaccharides (chains of sugars which benefit immune cell function).

• NO parabens or synthetic preservatives, sodium lauryl sulphates

• NO harmful chemicals, petrochemical ingredients, mineral oil, synthetic


• NOT tested on animals or containing animal products.

• Travel Friendly sizes


Product Reviews

sonia042, Albion Park Rail NSW


I have really enjoyed using this product. I am a 45yr old lady with fairly good skin...but now I have great skin.

I found the product to be gentle. There was no redness after using it.

My skin feels really soft and in good condition.

My only negative was that I was keen on the smell.. its not bad - I just didnt like it...

I really wish that they had given my the full 5pce set to try... the other products were so good it would have been nice..

LV79, Trafalgar VIC


i am forever trying new skincare, this skincare was definitely one of the best skincare products i have tried, it left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated and silky smooth. the scent was lovely and the texture was great, it absorbed wonderfully and i love the travel sizes, great to carry in my handbag and use on the go especially the hydrate spray. definitely recommend this skincare range

Christine, Yarrawonga VIC


I am very happy to review these products as I think they are of very good quality, and are effective in doing what they claim. The routine is very quick and easy, so even the busiest person could fit it in to their daily life. The cleanser is very good at removing make-up, allowing my face to feel really clean. I had never used a hydrating spray as part of a daily routine before, but it does feel good and refreshing. The nourish cream has a very gentle scent, and blends in to the skin quite easily.
What I particularly like is that the ingredients are all natural, with no damaging chemicals, and are Australian products from an Australian company. The travel size packs are ideal for a few days away, but I am glad to see they come in larger size tubes as well, and are very reasonably priced.
Overall my face feels soft, smooth and younger, and I would be very happy to continue using these products.

bettina g, Stafford Heights QLD


The products are great, nice smell. Its nice to see that no animals were harmed & all natural ingredients.

Easy to use - with easy to read instructions on each product. Left skin feeling nice & smooth.