15 x 'Fit Girl' Tea-Break Packs

About The Product

Whether you're a fitness fan, busy mum or career crusader, FitGirl Tea is your wellness buddy to achieving health goals more efficiently. Using only 100% organic ingredients, each tea is specially formulated to deliver powerful benefits to the body including boosting metabolism, kill cravings, improve mental agility, and deliver clean stable energy for 3-4 hours.

Drinking tea for its benefits is not new, in fact Chinese have practised this custom for centuries. But drinking the right type of quality tea, at the right time of day can make a significant improvement to your body.

FitGirl Tea is easily substituted for a coffee or glass of water each day. It has a mellow natural flavour, and can be enjoyed either hot or chilled.

Your pack contains Tea-Break (RRP $32) - a herbal blend to help relieve stress and muscle tenderness to give you a good night’s sleep so your mind and body can relax and rejuvenate. It also has the ability to promote healthy skin and improve your physical performance by mobilizing fatty acids, making them available to use as energy.

Transform your approach to looking good and feeling great. www.fitgirltea.com

Product Reviews

Victoria110, Neutral Bay NSW


I tried Tea-break over the last few days and I've found it very calming. I find that I have been sleeping better since I started taking tea break.

The taste is pleasant and I feel relaxed while drinking it as well as afterwards.

Deb1313, Wollongong NSW


Really liked this tea!
Seemed to have just the right mix for a great bedtime cuppa.
Be careful not to make it too strong or the lemon becomes overpowering.
Would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative late beverage that won't keep you awake.

Susan1096, Quinns Rocks WA


Loved this tea, pleasant tasting and really did relax me before bed .Would definitely purchase more .