15 x Double Passes to THE WORDS

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About The Product

Bradley Cooper leads an all star cast in an epic journey – The pleasure and pain of words, given and stolen, send unintended ripples. Words that reach through time from post-war Paris to contemporary New York. THE WORDS is a searching story of love against the tragic cost of success, and the choices we make that change our lives forever. Some stories end when you leave the theatre. Others stay with you, becoming the subject of ruminations, discussions, even arguments over the following days and weeks. Great stories have that staying power, and audiences will soon discover that while the film may end, The Words live on. www.beckerfilmgroup.com


Product Reviews

Nicole, Junee NSW


Wow, great movie. At the start it seems a little predictable, but that soon changes. Great storyline. The actors are all great in their own right, good choices to depict each character. The end keeps you wondering and thinking about it long after it has finished. Thank you for letting me see this.