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We all know the music, but few know the true story of musical genius, Brian Wilson. LOVE & MERCY paints an unconventional portrait of the artist by interweaving seminal moments from his youth and later life.

The role of Brian Wilson is masterfully shared between Paul Dano as the younger, 1960s Brian; and John Cusack as Wilson in the 1980s. The film explores the many challenges Brian has faced, both from his point of view in his younger years.

Explore the life, love and music of Brian Wilson. LOVE & MERCY in cinemas June 25.

Product Reviews

Lydia26, Greenwood WA


This is a beautifully crafted films that looks at the ups and downs of Brian Wilson and how he struggled with his creative mind, love life and friends. It is a very raw film that is very moving. The costumes and scenery are very authentic and have been pieced together extraordinarily well.
Paul Dano plays the younger Brian Wilson and highlights his erratic, creative mind and portrays this well.
This movie is very captivating as it jumps between the past and present of Brian Wilson's life and the different individuals that affect his life and the choices that he makes.
Highly recommended for all. It is a film that shows the life of a magnificent artist and shows the raw truths.

Beli Samuel, Hurstville NSW


Very good movie, highly recommended!

Carly25, Craigmore SA


My fiancé and I loved this movie as it had something for the both of us - romance, suspense and a good story line. Would definitely recommend!

Sharon1551, West End QLD


I found Love and Mercy to be a raw and emotional look into the life of Brian Wilson. I was pleased it was not the usual story from beginning to end, but rather flicking back through the life of the younger and older Brian. The highlight for me was the "God only knows" song and the creativity of Brian and how this song was perfected. I was disturbed at how easily Brian was manipulated by the unethical therapist Dr Landy, and how it took a relative stranger to come into Brian's life and force the issue of his legal guardianship. There were one or two scenes in the middle of the film that were a little slow, but on the whole I found this to be a very thought provoking film and well worth watching.

claire, Palmwoods QLD


I really enjoyed this movie. I found it be beautifully written and very well made. Elizabth banks was the star of the movie, she played a very strong and passionate role

Susan74, Kirrawee NSW


I grew up listening to the music of The Beach Boys and was looking forward to seeing this movie. I really enjoyed the interesting insight to Brian Wilson's life and the story behind one of the greatest song writers ever. This was a story that I didn't know much about. With great acting and terrific music, Love & Mercy is a film I would recommend.

mchong, Balwyn North VIC


Great movie. Fantastic actors, wonderer bioptic with actors that made me cry and laugh, I grew up in the Beach Boys era so it was a trip down memory lane.

Joelle15, Flagstaff Hill SA


I loved this movie. The only thing that's better than a true story turn movie is when the movie has an amazing soundtrack like this one. Also John Cusack played the part perfectly. Well worth a watch.

Strunza, Bunbury WA


Who would have know the struggles that Brian Wilson went through? A great movie.

Tze Ling, Rochedale QLD


Overall it is a feel good movie. More so if you know the Beach Boys and their song. Some bits can be quite slow. Especially when the play down the impact of his disease and his addictions. Even playing down the impact of his abuse and whether it has direct impact to his drug abuse later on or even his disease makes the movie no better than a movie that is base on a fiction story. So no real tears or laughters. Just okay.